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A simple house? House in Konary project of Studio 88

26 of May '20
Technical data
Name: House in Konary
Location: , Konary
Project: , Agata Tkocz, Adam Tkocz
Total area:
192 m²
Project year: 2019
Year of implementation: 2020 (in progress)
Investor: Private

A house is being built on a plot of land between fields to the south and a private forest to the east. Foreign investors chose Konary for their new place to live. They needed a simple house - functional, cheap to build and allowing them to admire the beauty of the area. And there is no shortage of that in this Lower Silesian village.

The house was designed on an L-shaped plan. On the front, as well as on the terrace side, small arcades are planned - just in time to hide from the rain while you shuffle through your purse in search of keys! The main body with its gabled roof may bring to mind a classic barn. On one side, the architects of {tag:Studio} "docked" the garage, which is not so conspicuous from the side of the terrace overlooking the garden and fields.

A traditional house with a modern expression

The architects decided to position the building in such a way as to clearly separate its entrance zone from the more intimate recreational and leisurezone. The north-facing facade has smaller windows and fuller walls. On the other side, the house looks like a contemporary barn - with glazing occupying almost the entire facade of this part of the block. The windows look directly out onto the landscape surrounding the house.

Prosty dom - tani w budowie, funkcjonalny z garażem

The architects decided to position the building in such a way as to clearly separate its entrance area from the more intimate recreational and leisurearea

© Pracownia 88

The first floor of the building features a living area with an open kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as a library and study. The doors between them can be pulled apart or slid open depending on the needs of the householders in terms of handling the space. Here is also an auxiliary zone - a small bathroom, utility room, pantry and a garage with two stalls.

In the attic there is a night zone with the parents' bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, and two children's rooms and a spacious bathroom. On the mezzanine floor, the architects have arranged a small seating area where one can take refuge and admire the views outside the window.

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