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Simple things - design at the Wawel Castle

16 of April '20

For most, the Wawel Royal Castle means chambers, spacious halls, tapestries, a beautiful courtyard, centuries-old furniture and objects. But is that really all it is?

Polish design of the 20th century is experiencing a renaissance today - the number of its admirers is still growing. Its charm attracts, despite the fact that in childhood many of us could not look at colored glass and ćmiel porcelain, dreaming of futuristic forms and uncomfortable chairs.

But simple things have their advantages, as anyone who owns, for example, a 366 chair by Józef Chierowski knows. Now we also have the opportunity to convince ourselves of this at the Royal Castle in Cracow.

Today, i.e. April 16, at 7:00 pm, the premiere of the online film-exhibition "Wawel. A Simple Thing." It shows an almost unknown Wawel project by Marian Sigmund, one of the best interior designers, creator of furniture of "iconic" status.

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