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The detail matters. Meet the skirting boards from VOX

05 of September '22

Summer is a time that is conducive to renovations. Wanting their effect to be impeccable and polished, it is worth remembering the details that can often play a significant role in the interior. In the case of changing the floor or the color of the walls, it is the skirting board. This often underestimated element finally completes the character of the room. VOX skirting boards are designed to harmonize with the arrangement in style and color. Here are the skirting boards Espumo, Evera and Estilo.

First: durability and resistance

Skirting boards - just like floors - are constantly exposed to dirt and mechanical damage. Therefore, when choosing them, it is worth being guided by the materials from which they are made. The Espumo skirting board by the VOX brand is described as "different from all others" precisely because of its construction. It is made using Kerracore technology developed by technologists and designers from the VOX Research and Development Center. For its production, a special polymer material refined with mineral additives is used, which affects not only the solidity of the strip, but also its water resistance.

The material of Espumo skirting boards means that it does not absorb water from either side, and as a result it does not warp. It does not soak up moisture either from the room or emitted from the walls or floor. That's why it will be perfect for installation in developer apartments, where the walls still give off moisture for some time after handover," says Piotr Szczęśniak, VOX technical expert.

Thanks to Kerracore technology, which affects water resistance, the Espumo skirting board can also be used in the bathroom.


Second: colors

The Espumo model is distinguished not only by its high durability, but also by its availability in five color variants: white, gray, beige-gray, anthracite and black. This makes it even easier and better to match the shade of the molding to the colors of our interior, for example, to the walls or the doorframe. The Evera model also offers a spectrum of color possibilities - we can choose from white, shades of gray or black. Estilo, on the other hand, is a universal collection of white moldings that will match any floor.

The availability of Evera skirting boards also in dark colors allows for an even better match with the character of the interior.


To achieve harmony in our interiors, it's worth choosing a skirting board under the color of the walls or in an approximate shade. In small rooms, light-colored skirting board models are perfect, which, combined with a white or light beige wall, will create the impression of a larger space, optically elongating it.

Third: fit

In addition to the color, the height of the molding is also of great importance. It should match the arrangement of electrical outlets or the size of individual pieces of equipment in the interior. That's why VOX skirting boards have as many as four heights: Espumo and Evera - 6.5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm and 12 cm, Estilo - 6.5 cm, 7.5 cm, 10 cm and 11 cm. Estilo is a practical choice because of its design, which allows electrical wires to be hidden in it.

Estilo is a collection of finely detailed shapes.


Fourth: the finishing touch

Every detail matters, which is why the VOX brand offers finishing accessories dedicated to skirting boards to improve installation. The cap guarantees a perfect match to the shape and color of all VOX skirting boards, as well as hiding their structural elements. Together with the moldings, the cap creates a complete set of elements that match each other and the requirements of the interior.

listwa Espumo

Espumo molding - a cap allows you to aesthetically finish the molding and hide its structural elements.


Skirting board is an inconspicuous element that affects the entire room. During its selection, it is worth to be guided by such criteria as the material of construction, the color of the walls and the height of the distribution of electrical outlets. This will give us a satisfactory finishing effect.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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