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Finishing solutions in four steps

05 of September '22

Finishing solutions

The culmination of the work on the body of the building and the functional layout of the interiors is the moment of selecting the appropriate finishes, which will not only be a stylish costume superimposed on the object, a dot over the i of the designed space, a background for our everyday life, but will, above all, respond to the needs of the client and stand the test of time. Aptly selected windows and doors or flooring is a guarantee of a well-executed project.

first - safety

Let's start looking at the finishing elements of buildings with the basic issue of safety, namely fire protection PPOŻ - properly certified products and fireproof solutions can not only ensure the ability to evacuate the building in the event of a fire, but also protect the structure of the building.

second - durability

Another aspect is robust and durable solutions that will allow comfortable use for years. While carpets, curtains, paint, wall coverings or lighting elements can be replaced relatively easily, floors, stairs, balustrades, walls, ceilings or elevators pose a greater challenge, including financially. So it is worth betting on the quality of the solutions and materials chosen.

third - innovation and economy

It is also worth looking for hints in the matter of finishing elements in innovative solutions, which often also allow to reduce subsequent operating costs of the house. Daily life can be made easier by modern wiring equipment, which allows, for example, remote control of artificial light or sunshades depending on the time of day or the degree of insolation.

fourth - details

The finishing touches not only apply to large areas, such as terraces or walls, but also to finer but equally important details, such as fittings for glass elements, accessories for windows and doors or doormats, which add character to the interiors. It is also worth paying attention to them in order to create cohesive and thoughtful spaces, polished to the last button!

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