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Not just the floor. What to look for when choosing a skirting board?

23 of October '21

It is indispensable in every apartment and house. It protects the wall from dirt, masks the expansion gap, and - properly selected - complements the character of our interior. It is worth thinking about the skirting board already at the first concept of space arrangement. Material, color, installation - all these elements should be taken into account when choosing a skirting board for a room.

We choose the floor carefully so that it will serve us for years. We pay attention to its appearance, material and workmanship. We no longer pay so much attention to the skirting board, even though it is visible and protects our walls. Piotr Szczęśniak, VOX brand expert, points out the complementary parts of a flooring system:

It's a good idea to think about the floor system comprehensively at the interior design stage. Thanks to this, the floor, together with the subfloor and skirting board, will form an aesthetic whole, and the selection of individual elements will not take a considerable amount of time. It isbest to get all these elements in one place, additionally with the help of consultants.

If you are in the process of a complete interior renovation or just want to refresh the look of your bedroom or living room, choose skirting boards to complement the character of your space.

Espumo skirting board


Bet on a material that provides protection

Frequent washing of floor panels, falling toys of toddlers, rearranging furniture - all these activities affect the appearance of walls and floor. A skirting board protects them from damage, so when choosing one, it's worth considering the material it's made of. On the market we can find skirting boards made of PVC or MDF, as well as metal or aluminum.

It is worth paying special attention to moldings made of polymeric material, thanks to which they are resistant to impact and water. Espumo skirting boards by VOX are manufactured in Poland, and use polymeric plastic refined with mineral additives. They are made of a lightweight, foamed inner layer and a hard outer layer, which provides them with impact resistance. The polymeric material ensures that the molding does not soak up moisture and, as a result, does not warp. This is important especially when installing in development apartments, where the walls continue to give off moisture for some time after the apartment or house is put into use.

Espumo slats by VOX are manufactured in Poland, and a special polymer material refined with mineral additives is used in their production.


The color of the skirting board complements the character of the interior

White, gray, or maybe black? The color of the molding is of great importance, because together with the floor it creates a cohesive set that affects the atmosphere of our living room, bedroom or hallway. If you decide on a floor in a shade of wood, it is worth using a skirting board in the same color. The white version also matches the floor panels, which will blend in with the appearance of our walls of the same shade. When selecting a molding, it is also worth taking into account the subsequent arrangement of the space. Gray moldings will find themselves especially in combination with timeless furniture in white or black, as well as surrounded by bookcases of intense colors.

Increasingly, we also opt for black skirting boards, which are practical: dirt and scratches are not so visible on them. The color of the skirting board is not everything. Its height also becomes an important aspect. In the offer of the VOX brand you can find skirting boards as high as 12 cm, so it fits perfectly to the wall. In addition, our toddlers or pets will not find cables or wires hidden under the molding.

We are also increasingly opting for black skirting boards, which are practical.


Finishing accessories are fundamental when installing

Mounting with glue is one of the easiest ways to install a skirting board. It's also worth remembering to match the trim with finishing accessories. In the offer of the VOX brand you will find plastic caps, which are matched in shape and color to all the skirting boards in the collection: and in this one there are as many as 11 models, which are represented by 5 sections and 5 finished colors. The accessories included with the Espumo moldings are distinguished by their high quality of workmanship, perfect fit to the moldings and their aesthetic finish. If you want to hide electrical wires under the molding, it is enough that you do not finish them with plugs, but apply a finish on the so-called bevel - with the help of a wedge cut from the molding.

Skirting board will aesthetically finish our floor, as well as protect it from damage and moisture. When selecting it, it is worthwhile to be guided by the appearance of our floor. Therefore, when designing our interior, it is worth advising specialists, for example, in VOX stores throughout Poland. If we value online contact, let's look at

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