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Sleep in your Bubble! Unusual glamping near Lodz, Poland

12 of May '20

Glamping comes from the creative combination of the words "glamourous" and "camping" and, as the name suggests, it is a luxurious form of camping. If you dream of sleeping under the stars without the company of insects, "in the Bubble" is for you. The place where the bubble stands is extremely charming and has even more attractions to offer.

In the Lodz Heights Landscape Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the only such place on the map of Poland was created - "in the Bubble". The facility offers accommodation in luxurious, transparent tents in the shape of a bubble. Accommodation under a cloud takes on a different meaning here. Only the transparent material of the bubble separates guests from a thousand stars.

"In the Bubble" was created as part of the increasingly popular trend of glamping. The originator, Ronald Dobroszek, a resident of Łódź, says:

Transparent bubble tents are a unique opportunity to commune with nature in a comfortable environment. Falling asleep on comfortable beds, you can watch the stars and admire the surrounding nature. In the morning, wake up at sunrise without leaving the tent.

W Bańce - nocleg w bańce jedną z atrakcji

Bitcoin Bubble

photo courtesy of w Bubble

In the Bubble offers two tents: Bitcoin Bub ble (partially transparent) and Zen Bubble (fully transparent). Each bubble is designed for two people and has a private bathroom. Both bubbles feature a telescope to be "even closer to the stars." In addition, there is also a jaccuzzi, hammock, pond, beach, barbecue and a wooden hut, which includes an equipped kitchen, at the disposal of all guests.

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