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KS 430 ComfortDrive sliding door

04 of December '19

On December 5, an awards gala was held for the plebiscite of products for interior design and finishing. A jury of 150 architects and interior designers selected the most thoughtful solutions from among 220 proposals submitted. Honorable mention in the category of Windows and Doors went to Internorm for the KS 430 lift-and-slide door with automatic closing!

VII Forum of Good Design - a prestigious conference for architects

More than 900 people from the world of architecture, interior design and design met at the Praga Koneser Center in Warsaw to listen to 50 speakers and exchange the latest trends from the world of design. The culmination of the event was the awards gala of the Good Design 2020 competition!

The Good Design contest honors the best, most interesting interior products and solutions that transform the spaces of homes and apartments. It is a kind of summary of what has happened in this market recently," says Justyna Łotowska, content editor of the Good Design Forum.

What was the KS 430 ComfortDrive lift-and-slide door recognized for?

The KS 430 PVC and aluminum patio window has been conquering the window and door market for several years now with its excellent thermal insulation and strong anti-burglary glazing. That's why last year Internorm decided to equip it with a new feature - automatic opening and closing on a button or fingerprint. It was the ComfortDrive function that was particularly appreciated by the competition jury and made the product receive an honorable mention.

The automatic sliding door drive is another Internorm innovation. We assume that a modern home should take advantage of technological possibilities for our convenience, as well as facilitate access to full functionality for the elderly and disabled, for whom pressing a button will be an easy way to open the KS 430 sliding window. That's why we introduced the ComfortDrive electric drive," explains Karol Niespodziewański, Internorm's marketing director in Poland.

It's worth mentioning that the ComfortDrive system allows access control using a fingerprint reader or code keypad. As a result, lift-and-slide doors from Internorm can also be locked from the outside.

What else is special about the KS 430 ComfortDrive?

With large-format windows, excellent insulation performance is crucial, especially if you are building a passive house. That's why KS 430 is characterized by thermal transmittance at a lowUw=0.64 W/(m²K) and good soundproofing up to Rw=43 dB. Security class RC2 (with VSG P4 glazing) ensures high anti-burglary and protection of our property. In addition, the door can be equipped with fingerprint access control or EKEY code keypad. All parameters certified by independent institutes.

With a maximum leaf height of up to 3 meters, this model of sliding door can reach from the ceiling to the floor. In turn, the permissible width of the entire system up to 6.5 meters allows for excellent interior lighting.

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