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Narzędzia do projektowania dla architektów

14 of August '22

Architectural software

Handwritten technical drawing, tracing paper and rapidograph have been supplanted by design tools that are improving year by year. Nowadays, traditional computer programs that allow the creation of two-dimensional technical drawings are being replaced by advanced systems that allow the integration of all trades into a single three-dimensional model. Because, as you know, the design of buildings, is not only a well-designed solid, but also its modern software and functionality.

BIM technology

In the rapidly growing market of tools for the architectural industry, you will find a variety of solutions that support not only the design process itself, but also the daily operation of the studio. More and more design studios are moving from 2D programs to BIM technology, which allows full integration of all industries in a single model. Within a single program you get a complete tool for your work, thoughtfully designed also for quick learning of operating skills.

Fast and accurate measurements

Computer programs are a huge convenience in calculations, for example. PDF files can be measured, scaled and calibrated in them - intuitive measurement tools increase the speed and accuracy of pre-measurements so that precise statements and quotations can be created, while annotations, hyperlinks and automation tools provide clarity and order in documentation.

Sunshine calculations

Among the numerous parameters that the project development team must take into account is the insolation of the premises. Its appropriate level is not only extremely important from the point of view of future users, but is also a legal requirement. Modern design tools support architects in making accurate design decisions, allowing them to effectively analyze the insolation parameter.

New quality of visualization

Visualizations are also an important element of design, it is on their quality that it often depends whether the client decides on a given proposal. Fortunately, there are many items on the market that allow even photorealistic renderings. Do you want to convey the atmosphere of the building you are designing? Show the mood of the interior when it is raining outside the window, or when a fire is lit in the fireplace? Nothing simpler, just reach for the right dedicated program!

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