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New Market Square in Poznań - space of the 21st century

15 of December '21

New office and residential complex in Poznań - space for the 21st century

A complex of modern office buildings is being built on the site of the former PKS station in Poznań. It is an investment composed according to the historical assumptions of city construction, i.e. with the market in the central point. The innovative construction is supported by Geberit solutions.

Not far from the railway station and the Poznań International Fair, surrounded by the charming tenement houses of Wilda and the Karol Marcinkowski Park, a new city quarter with a market accessible to all is under construction. The complex will include modern office buildings and service establishments. Like streets leading to the market, seemingly disparate elements will intersect here - culture and sports, ecology and technology or business and entertainment. The investment is an exemplary example of combining innovative solutions while respecting tradition and the character of the place.

 Kompleks nowoczesnych
budynków biurowych w Poznaniu

A complex of modern office buildings in Poznań

© Jarosław Kąkol

innovative human-friendly solutions

Medusa Group is responsible for the design of Office Building D, which was commissioned six months ago. It is distinguished by its unique and original façade, which shimmers with shades of green passing upward into the color of rusty pink. The lower floors feature glass storefronts that aim to lift the edifice off the ground. In order to give the building lightness, a variation in the character and color of the facades covered with a vertical arrangement of angles, which at the same time act as shades, was used.

Budynek biurowca D. Budynek biurowca D

office building D

© Jarosław Kąkol

caring for work environment

Building D, as the first in the Wielkopolska region, was constructed in accordance with the guidelines of the demanding WELL certification at the Core&Shell stage, which it will now apply for. It guarantees the highest standard of buildings that are friendly to people's health and well-being. The building's safety of use is ensured, among other things, by the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system. During heavy rainfall, it guarantees very high capacity. It is designed in such a way that the draining pipes fill with high speed, thus creating a closed, fast-flowing column of water that effectively sucks water from the roof. The Geberit Pluvia vacuum system has been setting new standards in roof rainwater drainage for decades. Its main advantages include a reduction in the number of roof drains due to their high capacity, greater planning possibilities due to a significant reduction in the number of sewer risers, and the ability to run horizontal piping without a gradient, thus maximizing the use of available space.

 Kompleks nowoczesnych
budynków biurowych w Poznaniu

a complex of modern office buildings in Poznań

© Jaroslaw Kąkol

health and safety

The building's heating and water systems were designed using the Geberit Mapress system. This is a highly efficient supply system, to which the highest demands are made during the manufacturing process itself. Therefore, it can be used for a variety of utilities. However, it has many more advantages. A clean weld on the sealing ring's contact surface contributes to the permanent tightness of the system and reduces susceptibility to corrosion. The treatment of the weld must meet Geberit's strict quality requirements. A special heat treatment ensures a homogeneous material structure in the weld and thus an optimal clamping operation. An extremely smooth surface is a prerequisite for increasing the safety of the system and ensuring long-term tightness. The welds are smoothed by mechanical finishing to ensure the best flow characteristics and ideal sealing ring placement. The roughness values are therefore well below the limits set by the standards, which guarantees the tightness of the system. The composition of the alloy components ensures a high degree of material and installation safety. It is achieved by applying stringent production standards that go beyond the current standards: Geberit Mapress system pipes and fittings contain at least 2.3% molybdenum. Special heat treatment ensures a homogeneous material structure in the welds. Welds are also mechanically smoothed. This ensures that pipes and fittings behave uniformly during crimping. Geberit Mapress sockets are sealed with a cap to protect them from dust and dirt on the construction site.

GEBERIT. Nowy Rynek w Poznaniu -
przestrzeń XXI wieku


© Jaroslaw Kąkol

bathroom friendly

Office Building D will also apply for a Barrier-Free Facility certificate, which means that it is friendly and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, seniors and families with children. In practice, this provides a number of amenities related not only to accessing the building, but also to using it. Additional ramps, modern elevators, wide corridors, proper signage - including for the visually impaired - are the basic standards of barrier-free buildings. Among them, bathrooms adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, seniors and mothers with children play a very important role. Their design and equipment are to guarantee comfort and safety of use. That's why it's so important to choose a strongly contrasting color scheme, provide convenient access to each sanitary device and additional handrails for the disabled, and, above all, choose the right equipment. That's why sanitary fixtures from the Koło and Geberit brands, among others, were chosen to furnish the bathrooms in the D facility. Combining expertise in sanitary technology, design and innovative features, Geberit provides the highest quality installation systems, guaranteeing convenience of installation, but also safety of use. In turn, high-quality Kolo sanitary ceramics combine simplicity, functionality and modern design. A wide assortment allows you to create a visually and technically coherent set of bathroom equipment, including ceramics, furniture and small accessories. Modern design, high durability and versatility make it possible to build a stylish and fashionable arrangement in any bathroom.

Łazienka przyjazna



© Jarosław Kąkol

Building E concept: JEMS Architects,
Phase I design: Maćków Pracownia Projektowa,
Design of building D: Medusa Group.

Poznań, intersection of Matya and Przemyslowa Streets


Jarosław Kąkol

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