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Architectural design and coordination of trades in OPEN BIM standard

25 of June '21

The preparation of investment implementation, especially the design process, is one of the first areas considered when deciding to implement BIM methodology. In this regard, it is mainly associated with the use of IT tools that enable BIM modeling and support coordination and communication between project team members.

Archicad and Solibri Office are programs that enable design, interprofessional coordination, analysis and search for design errors, and communication with project team members. Their simultaneous use ensures, on the one hand - effective and efficient execution of projects in BIM technology (Archicad), on the other - systematic verification of the created models using automatic analysis rules (Solibri Office).

OPEN BIM is an effective coordination of design processes

The use of OPEN BIM standards to support multiple design processes enables the creation of effective workflows. IFC models of different trades can be checked and coordinated, and analysis conclusions can be effectively shared using notes in the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF). All of this is accomplished by sets of modifiable rules that can be adapted to the needs of the studio or the specifics of the project. Solibri Office enables continuous and effective project control in the following areas:

  • ongoing evaluation of branch BIM models used in the daily coordination of project work,
  • automatic analysis of BIM models at selected design stages to avoid commonly occurring modeling errors,
  • automaticanalysis of relationships between model elements to assess substantive correctness and compliance with standards and specifications,
  • automatic analysis ofparameters and information associated with the BIM model to verify compliance with BEP findings and fulfillment of developer requirements.

The results of model analysis can be easily viewed in the free version of Solibri Anywhere, shared as reports in PDF or Excel formats, or by using the BCF standard to provide comments to trade designers. It is also possible to directly link Archicad and Solibri Office in a way that allows ongoing verification of the created design without saving the model to IFC format.

The use of Archicad and Solibri Office programs definitely reduces the risks associated with the cost of BIM and is an important factor in improving the quality of services and products offered.

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