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GreenCoat® steel in sustainable construction - resilient as well as aesthetically pleasing roofs, facades and gutters

23 of March '22

GreenCoat® organic-coated steels

Widely known in architectural projects for its great durability as a material for roofs, facades and gutters, organic-coated GreenCoat® steels from SSAB now meet the highest standards for UV and corrosion resistance (prEN 10169).

Long life is key for sustainable buildings

Our future cities and homes must be built sustainably. Scarcity of raw materials and building regulations are changing the traditional construction industry to a more sustainable one. Long product life plays an important role in the specification of building materials. They must be resistant to high corrosion and wear, as well as UV radiation, to ensure that buildings last for decades. The new RC and UV corrosion classes ensure that building products have an extremely long service life, as SSAB's GreenCoat® warranties have already confirmed.

GreenCoat Pural BT w wersji matowej

GreenCoat Pural BT in a matte version was used on the roof because of its ability to achieve sharp lines for a very graphic home. GreenCoat Pural BT offers the highest RC5+ corrosion rating and Ruv5 rating, ensuring a long product life.

Introducing the new Ruv5 and RC5+ grades for higher UV and corrosivity standards

While the new classes use the same test methods as the previous ones, the test times have been increased. The test time for Ruv5 is either 4 years under natural conditions or 4,000 hours under artificial UV light (for Ruv2 to 4 classes, it is 2 years and 2,000 hours, respectively). The test time for RC5+ is 4 years under natural conditions (for RC3-5, these are 2 years, and for RC2, 1 year). For example, the well-known GreenCoat Pural BT steel, which is mainly used for roofs, now meets the highest standards for UV and corrosion resistance: Ruv5 (in matte) and RC5+ (in matte and gloss).

40 years of outdoor testing under harsh conditions

The GreenCoat® warranties are based on SSAB's more than 40 years of experience in testing at accredited outdoor locations. All GreenCoat® products are tested for UV resistance and corrosion resistance under actual natural conditions. All products are covered by a technical performance and finish warranty. This includes protection against corrosion in the form of rust or white rust, as well as against fading and other defects in the finish.

Wszystkie produkty GreenCoat® są badane pod względem odporności na promieniowanie UV oraz odporności korozyjnej w rzeczywistych warunkach panujących w przyrodzie

All GreenCoat® products are tested for UV resistance and corrosion resistance under actual natural conditions. 40 years of outdoor testing in harsh conditions ensures long life for buildings

SSAB steel without fossil fuels and bio-coating

Already today, GreenCoat® organic-coated steels offer contractors a level of sustainability unmatched in the market, thanks to the use of significant amounts of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil compounds in the coating. In addition, starting in 2026, SSAB will offer commercial quantities of steel without fossil fuels. The byproduct obtained from SSAB's steel production will then be water rather than carbon dioxide.

GreenCoat® will continue to aim to meet and exceed the goals of sustainable building standards.
Achieving the highest levels of UV and corrosion resistance standards is the next step in achieving this goal.

For more information, visit the company's SSAB Poland Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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