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Recruitment is underway for the MEDS Silesia Revival 2021 student workshop. The theme is Upper Silesia

21 of May '21

MEDS Workshop invites students to participate in the 11th edition of the international design workshop MEDS Silesia Revival 2021. This year it will be held in Poland, and the theme will be the urban and architectural context of Upper Silesia.

Meetings of Design Students

MEDS, or Meetings of Design Students, is an international initiative that brings together students from around the world. It has been organizing design workshops in various countries around the world for 12 years. The 11th edition was to be held in Poland as early as 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was moved to 2021.

TheMEDS workshop is made up of people who come from all over the world every year to share their experience in different fields of design. We are looking for people with open minds, a love of continuous learning and a passion for creating. Each group, together with their tutor, will work on the creation of a project and its documentation, which will be presented during the concluding exhibition of the workshop, the organizers write.

Upper Silesia the main theme

"Revival" is the motto of this year's workshop, which refers to the urban and architectural context of Upper Silesia as an area of mines, shafts and factories, giving it a unique and universally recognizable identity. For many years, the region has been undergoing a gradual transformation, becoming a cultural center and giving new meaning to its distinctive landscape. One of the main challenges of the workshop will be to provoke a transformation of the region's image in the public's mentality and to bring forgotten spaces back to life.

For two weeks, participants will work in groups under the guidance of experienced tutors. At the beginning of the workshop, participants will select the projects they will be involved in improving and executing.

submission of works and registration

One of the prerequisites for participation in the workshop is the preparation of a project with a theme: ecology, revitalization or society. The form, content and technique of the works are free. Those wishing to participate can send works by the deadline of July 14. A registration fee of 270 euros is due upon receipt of information on qualification for the workshop. Registration form for the workshop is available here.

The workshop will be held from August 14 to 29 in Tychy, Katowice and Dabrowa Gornicza, among others. Detailed information on the organizer's website and Facebook.

elaboration: Katarzyna Domagała

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