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ART of DECORS workshop finale

31 of October '19

A series of one-day workshops for architects and designers under the ART of DECORS banner ended in October. During the four meetings, the company's headquarters in Zary was visited by 80 guests participating in the A&P project. The meetings were part of activities accompanying the celebration of SWISS KRONO's 25th anniversary in Poland.

The idea of ART of DECORS was inspired, among other things, by the 100th anniversary of the birth of the last of the great styles in architecture and furniture-making - art deco (1919-1939). As part of the anniversary, this unique aesthetic was recalled, including creating a replica of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost model from SWISS KRONO products and designing a new interior design for the company's 5DECO restaurant. In this way, the essence of the art of creating and using decor was demonstrated. Meeting participants saw with their own eyes that almost anything can be created today from wood-based products.

Training with a surprise

Guests visiting the company's headquarters in Zary had the opportunity not only to tour the plant. Each participant was also provided with materials useful in their daily work. Specially prepared kits included catalogs, brochures and suitcases with samples of boards and countertops. Four of them contained an additional prize - a voucher for a trip to the iSaloni furniture fair in Milan, in 2020. However, the most important element of the meetings was participation in four diverse workshops, conducted by specialists who cooperate with SWISS KRONO on a daily basis - senselier Marta Siembab, designer Maja Palczewska, business trainer Andrzej Niemczyk and journalist Tomasz Kammel.

Warsztaty ART of DECORS

Not only about trends

However, the trainings were not only about trends in architecture and design.

We take a comprehensive approach to the work of architects and designers, so the training program concerned various spheres of our life and daily work. On the one hand, we wanted to draw attention to completely new areas, such as sensory communication. - says Jaroslaw Masina, Head of Marketing Department at SWISS KRONO - On the other hand, we wanted to equip our guests with methods of exercising soft skills that will allow us to work even more effectively with clients on a daily basis. We already know from the participants' feedback that they liked this interdisciplinary formula very much.

New development paths

Marta Siembab, Poland's only senselier, introduced participants to the world of scent landscape design and showed how scent can be a tool for us in communication. Maja Palczewska showed participants how to work creatively using the design thinking method, which focuses, among other things, on in-depth interviews with customers and recognizing their true needs. Business trainer Andrzej Niemczyk led a workshop on dealing with stress for the guests. The eventful day concluded with a training session led by Tomasz Kammel. The well-known journalist and presenter, who has been working with SWISS KRONO for years, shared with guests proven methods and solutions for public speaking.

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