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Dekton XGloss - Cosentino's ultra-compact surface

03 of November '19

Dekton Slim - the thinnest of all Cosentino's ultra-compact surfaces - is now available in XGloss finishes. Four high-gloss colors, Natura18, Halo, Arga and Bergen, are part of the ten new colors in the Slim palette introduced by Cosentino in Poland and around the world. Gloss finishes are not all - matte patterns Aura15, Edora, Bromo, Trilium, Laos and Lunar have also been added to the portfolio.

New designs

An emphasis on innovation within the development of its products is the overarching goal of Cosentino, a world leader in stone surfaces for architects and designers, and the result was the introduction of the breakthrough thickness of Dekton, a blend of quartz, glass and porcelain, measuring just 4 mm. The Slim surface was presented in new colors that include four shades from the high-gloss XGloss series. The Natura18 (XGloss Natural series), Halo (XGloss Solid series) and Arga and Bergen (XGloss Stonika series) patterns embody sophistication and exceptional shine.

These four polished shades are just a portion of the 10 new colors that will make their way into the chromatic Slim palette. Dekton's thin slabs will perfectly accentuate the most important spaces in the home: the fronts of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or the facings of doors, walls and furniture. In addition to glossy finishes, there will also be six matte-textured designs already appreciated by Cosentino customers in other thicknesses: Aura15, Edora and Bromo from the Natural collection, as well as Trilium, Laos and Lunar from the Industrial series.Thus, Dekton Slim will now have as many as 19 colors to choose from in its palette.

Revolutionary surface

Slim, with its ultra-thin thickness, is a revolutionary solution in the world of architecture and design, combining Dekton's characteristic superior technical and mechanical properties with thin thickness (4 mm) and low weight (10 kg/m²).

It's the perfect combination of hardness, high scratch and stain resistance, low water absorption, availability in a large format and a multitude of unique colors. That's why the surface is perfect for cladding and paneling - both for new projects and renovation of existing interiors. Slim is also very easy to work with and install.

Huge success of Dekton Slim surfaces

Dekton Slim surfaces have already been featured at key interior fairs in Milan, or at Spain's Espacio Cocina SICI. The product has been appreciated by architects, contractors and end customers alike. Although Dekton Slim surface has been on the market for a short time, it has already managed to win the first prize in the "Best Innovation" category (Product Innovation Gold Award) of the British Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2019. The product was also a finalist in the British EK&B Business Awards 2019 in the "Best Surface" category.

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