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Do you know how the Polish Chamber of Architects works? Fill out the MPOIA survey

Dobrawa Bies
21 of March '23

March marks the reporting conventions of each District Chamber of Architects. The 17th Reporting District Convention of the Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland will begin this Saturday (March 25) at 10:00 am at the „Miastoprojekt” office building in Cracow. The event will also be able to be followed online. Before that, however, MPOIA has prepared a guide and a special pre-convention questionnaire on the knowledge of the operation of the Professional Self-Government. We encourage you to fill it out.

The guidebook prepared by MPOIA consists of several parts (all shared on FB), and its purpose is to inform about the activities, encourage participation in district and national conventions and influence the shape and activities of the Self-Government. The first is devoted to the structure of IARP and the number of branches, the second to finances, and the third to the amount of membership fees and what influences them.

pre-convention survey

In order to facilitate the functioning of the MPOIA Council and the course of the upcoming convention, a survey consisting of nine questions was created, these are:

  • Do you know what the MPOIA Council does?
  • Does the activity of the MPOIA Council over the past year meet your expectations?
  • Has the Architect's Workshop portal realistically helped you in your professional work?
  • Do you know how much the membership fee is?
  • Do you know who determines the amount of the membership fee?
  • Do you know what your contribution is used for?
  • Do you agree with this amount of your dues?
  • Are you satisfied with the current location of the MPOIA headquarters?
  • Do you see the possibility of moving the MPOIA headquarters outside the center of Krakow with convenient access and free parking?

You can answer the questions at this link.

The MPOIA RP Spring Reporting Meeting will be held this Saturday (March 25 this year) at the „Miastoprojekt” building in Krakow, 36 Kraszewskiego St. (ground floor conference room) at 10 a.m. Every member and member of the Self-Government can attend and ask questions (but without voting rights). A link to the online broadcast will also be made available on MPOIA's FB.

Dobrawa Bies

The vote has already been cast

the window will close in 5

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