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Baffles Hunter Douglas Architectural ceiling systems: design freedom and superior acoustics

15 of September '21

Acoustic ceiling systems from Hunter Douglas Architectural, thanks to their outstanding performance, are a solution for excellent acoustics and high interior aesthetics. Baffles ceilings are one such solution.

They work well in juxtaposition with concrete ceilings and in interiors that require distinctive design or improved acoustics. Baffles laths act as acoustic baffles and thus reduce nuisance noise and reverberation. Depending on your needs, you can vary the intensity of sounds in the space. From a visual point of view, Baffles ceilings create a spatial linear pattern demarcating the space, while from a practical point of view, they allow lighting, air conditioning, sound and sprinkler systems to be hidden under the ceiling.

Darwin center, Shrewsburry

© Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Architectural has a range of different types of Baffles ceiling systems - the degree of openness of the ceiling depends on the size of panels chosen. Different arrangements of Baffles panels affect the acoustics of a room in different ways, which is an important consideration for projects where sound attenuation is desired. Baffles ceilings can be covered with any RAL color, as well as several special metallic colors and wood tones. They can also have chrome finishes. Custom colors can also be selected upon request. Baffles ceilings are popular with trend-tracking architects and designers because they combine great design with user comfort and are easy to install.

catering establishment, Pilsen

© Hunter Douglas

Of special note are:

Baffles Tavola™ Straight are lightweight metal laths designed for linear placement on the ceiling, which are ideal for office spaces. They are modern, flexible and easy to install. They are great for acoustical control and noise attenuation in public spaces.

Baffles Tavola™ Levels allows you to realize the most creative designs by using variable height and spacing between fins on a linear ceiling made of aluminum or steel. Linear metal ceilings made of Tavola™ Levels fins are modern and versatile. They shape the space with a linear ceiling division and allow the architect to choose the right height.

Modo shopping center, Warsaw

© Hunter Douglas

Tavola™ Divergent Baffles create unlimited organic textures through uneven and diverging laths. Tavola™ Divergent laths have excellent acoustic properties. They increase speech recognition, reduce noise and shorten reverberation time. Such slats catch the eye in any room.

Baffles Sedes™ Straight allows you to design your ceiling in many interesting ways with different spacing between the lamellas, which can be 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm wide, 50 to 300 mm high and up to 6,000 mm long (longer on request), and are available painted in various colors, powder-coated wood (interior and exterior) or wood with laminate. The extruded aluminum slats can be optimized to specific design requirements by changing their dimensions and shape.

railroad station, Delft

© Hunter Douglas

Luxalon® V100/V200 open ceilings are designed from high-quality aluminum to define the dimensions of the ceiling plane. The V100/V200 system consists of hanging, "floating" panels that create original visual patterns and lines without restricting the spaciousness of the interior. This unusual effect can be further enhanced by adding Deco overlays to the slats. Luxalon® V100/V200 open ceiling is ideal for projects where the requirement is to visually lower the room while maintaining its original volume. Luxalon® V100/ V200 perfectly diffuses daylight and artificial light coming in from above. At a minimum angle of 45 degrees, the ceiling gives the impression of a closed plane.

Hunter Douglas Architectural's Baffles Tavola™ and Baffles Sedes™ ceiling system allows for flexible space design, and is excellent for improving acoustics in concert halls, theaters, conference rooms and office spaces, and wherever high sound quality is particularly important.

The aforementioned Baffles metal ceilings, combined with the unique Combi-Line system, offer the architect a great deal of design freedom. Architects can create ceilings with broken lines, random patterns and open spaces in cross construction, custom modulations and combinations, and matching ceiling panels of different materials. All of this is possible with the support rail, which has a range of clamps to fit a mix of HeartFelt® metal, wood and felt panels.

For more information, visit the company's Hunter Douglas Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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