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ROCKLITE "Strength of Beauty" technology - superior durability and sublime aesthetics

14 of September '21

The latest ROCKLITE technology created by the Cersanit brand allows even the most impressive designs to be realized, which until now were reserved exclusively for conglomerate. It poses creative challenges to designers and ambitiously sets goals for years to come. If today the impossible has become possible, what will the bathroom look like in the near future?

In recent years, thin-walled washbasins have been conquering the global market, which is why the timing of the appearance of ROCKLITE products in the Cersanit brand is so important. The uniqueness of this technology is based on the use of a modified ceramic mass, which is a mixture of clays, feldspars and sands. The laboratory-created mass is not only extremely strong, but also exceptionally malleable, so it gives unlimited scope for designing even the most original projects, which are characterized by exceptional strength, lightness and extremely thin edges.

Great achievements sometimes take time, persistence and consistency in action. Such was the case with the work on the modification of the ROCKLITE ceramic compound formula, which the team of technologists worked on for three years. The Cersanit brand did not "reinvent" ceramics, but created such a product that can meet the needs of the consumer, more than the prototype, that is, standard ceramics. The designers set an ambitious goal to combine high-quality design with unprecedented durability. And they have succeeded!

ROCKLITE ceramic mass, thanks to its strength and ductility, makes it possible to design washbasins with ultra-thin walls and perfectly smooth surfaces. One gets the impression that this technology allows the product to be shaped in a way that almost defies the physical laws of ceramics," says Maciej Studzienski, Design Director of the Cersanit brand's design team.

Miroslaw Zapora (Senior Designer) and Maciej Studzienski (Design Director) - authors of the ROCKLITE product offering.

© Cersanit

The power of design

The result of using the innovative mass is products with sublime shapes, whose design delights with unprecedented thin walls. ROCKLITE ceramic mass allows washbasin designs that until recently could only be met by conglomerate. Now, thanks to this mass also in ceramics, we can achieve large, flat surfaces and thin edges of delicate solids with very high strength. This is a great advance for the entire industry, which opens up new possibilities in the design of bathroom ceramics. The previously impossible has become possible, and ROCKLITE technology is opening a new chapter in bathroom design of the future.

The innovative ROCKLITE technology has so far been used in two collections that define modern and beautiful design, but Cersanit designers are already announcing more. The first, CREA, offers a range of minimalist solutions in the form of countertop, furniture and inset washbasins. CREA designs are distinguished by their modern and consistent design. Thin lines and subtlety are the main features discernible in all elements of the collection. If you are a fan of monolithic shapes and alluring curves, you are sure to find a dream solution for your bathroom. A wide portfolio of collections containing products from categories such as ceramics, furniture, bathtubs, shower enclosures and fixtures gives you a lot of freedom in arranging your interior, which you can tailor to your individual tastes.

The INVERTO collection, on the other hand, delights with a multitude of interesting interior options among its range of furniture and countertop washbasins. The designs in this line are characterized by simple and minimalist forms, but with strongly defined lines. The INVERTO collection is synonymous with style and refined elegance, thanks to which you will create a modern and functional interior even in the smallest bathroom.

© Cersanit

Both collections are based on the use of the same ROCKLITE technology. As Miroslaw Zapora, Designer, author of the ROCKLITE product offering, explains:

It allows washbasin designs that until recently could only be met by conglomerate. Thanks to this mass in ceramics, we can achieve large, flat surfaces and thin edges of delicate solids with very high strength. This is not only a major advance for the industry, but also valuable information for lovers of noble and ecological materials, which ROCKLITE ceramic mass undoubtedly is.

Eco technology

Ceramic is a material of 100% natural origin, so it is obviously an ecological product. In addition, it is not subject to discoloration or deformation, which is why ROCKLITE products are so noble. On the other hand, what makes it greener than other ceramic masses is that it uses less material to make the products and energy to process them. By shortening the carbon footprint, Cersanit is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Less dust during the production process and the absence of waste are also not insignificant, with all raw material residues returned to production. All this makes ROCKLITE as much a part of Cersanit's corporate social responsibility policy as possible.

Choosing a product from the CREA or INVERTO line, you not only get a washbasin that fits in with global design, but also a guarantee of long-term reliability. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, it is more durable. From now on, the user of ROCKLITE products, does not have to worry that a perfume bottle slipping out of your hands will cause any damage in the washbasin. Choosing ROCKLITE ceramics is a choice for years to come.

Learn more about ROCKLITE thin-wall ceramics: here

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