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New opening of the Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz

12 of April '21

The long-awaited renovation of the Bydgoszcz theater, further postponed by the state of pandemonium, finally has a chance to happen. What will the renovated Polish Theater building look like?

better late than never?

The design process is already over and an application for a replacement building permit has been submitted for the expanded project. Once it is obtained, a tender for construction work will be announced, says Marta Stachowiak, spokeswoman for City Hall, about the long-awaited renovation of Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz.

Visualization by Pracownia Sound and Space

The Polish Theater headquarters was built in 1949 to a design by Bydgoszcz architect Alfons Licznerski. The modest modernist facade and interiors bear little resemblance to the "chocolate box" - a German classicist city theater built in 1896 on Theater Square according to a design by Heinrich Seeling, attracting attention with a striking two-story portico flanked by two large pylons. The edifice has never yet undergone a major renovation, although its necessity has been talked about for years. Work is needed on the interior, in the area of the large stage or auditorium, which is no longer functional. Changes are also needed in the technical facilities, as well as in the office area of the theater and in the foyer.

What will the Polish Theater look like after modernization?

The architectural design of the theater's modernization involves the addition of a two-story building and the enlargement of its space on the side of the employee parking lot. The modern extension will includea restaurant, technical rooms and workshop rooms. Finally, too, the building will be adapted to the needs of the disabled. The anticipation of the renovation, is expected to be rewarded by the fact that the acreage of the reconstruction will be wider than initially expected. The slope of the auditorium and the balcony, which will be divided into levels, will look completely different.

visualization Sound and Space Studio

The aesthetics of the entire space around the theater and the acoustics of the building will also be improved. The project envisages the superstructure and expansion of the main body of the building. The task includes general construction works, replacement of the roof structure, as well as water and sewage, central heating, electrical and mechanical ventilation installations throughout the theater building. The building will be adapted for people with disabilities through the use of an elevator, elevators, appropriate sanitary facilities and mobile theater seats," enumerates Marta Stachowiak, spokeswoman for the Bydgoszcz City Hall.

several years of expectations

The tender for the design and cost estimate documentation for the reconstruction, superstructure and expansion of the building was awarded in late 2015. The documentation was developed by SOUND & SPACE Sp. z o.o. from Poznan arch. Robert Lebioda - the same office designed the investment at the Chamber Theater.

In mid-2016 the document was ready, and a few months later even a building permit was issued. However, the work did not start. The project was not accepted by the theater itself, and its flaws were later also discussed at City Hall. The city, as the entity managing the property, ordered a correction. And so the renovation was delayed. Although there were several modernization concepts, many of them exceeded the city's budget. Finally, in January 2020, the Polish Theater finally signed an agreement with the city to carry out the reconstruction, and it was announced that a tender would be launched at the end of last year. However, this did not happen. Why? Additional solutions were introduced to the project, and the time for completing the documentation was getting even longer. Luckily, the final design took into account, among other things, the latest fire regulations, comprehensive thermal modernization or reconstruction of the stage chimney roof.

It is worth noting that, in agreement with the building management unit, we also expanded the scope of equipment with additional elements (stage multimedia, lighting, sound system, which were originally to be implemented in the second stage of the project). The time of design work was also prolonged by epidemic restrictions. The design team was excluded from coming and working several times," Marta Stachowiak noted. - The cost of the entire investment is estimated at about PLN 26 million. Last year, an application was submitted for EU funding from the Communal Revitalization Program. Ultimately, nearly PLN 7 million will be allocated for this purpose. This is the maximum level of support for infrastructure projects.

Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz. The premiere of "Marie Antoinette. The trace of the queen"

We are prepared for the renovation. All repertoire plans take this situation into account - performances will be performed not only at the Polish Theater, but also at other cultural institutions in Bydgoszcz. We are confident that the renovation of the big stage will not slow down the theater's activities. The renovation will last two years, so we are also slowly planning the activities that will take place on the big stage after its completion," notes Polish Theater director Wojciech Faruga in an interview with magazine.

The vote has already been cast