Plug & Play bathtubs - insert and you're done!

21 of May '22

Plug & Play acrylic bathtubs

The Plug & Play collection are bathtubs equipped with integrated acrylic front panels, with which they form a single unit, with no visible connection. Such a solution allows for a much faster installation compared to traditional tile development and guarantees aesthetic consistency.

quick installation

you receive from us an assembled product - a ready-to-use bathtub with panel and legs

easy installation

the only thing you need to do is to install and connect the siphon and to glue up the edges of the bathtub

hygienic use

less joints, grout and seals means better hygiene of use and easier cleaning

solid construction

the panel is reinforced on the inside with a solid panel and steel elements

additional insulation

reinforced panel means additional thermal and acoustic insulation of the bathtub

large selection

as many as 14 models of bathtubs, including rectangular, asymmetrical and corner ones


for bathtubs from the series: Rethink & Still you can add filling via overflow RIHO Fall

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