Valor Back2Wall wall-mounted bathtub

25 of March '21

Valor Back2Wall wall-mounted bathtub

Valor Back2Wall is a wall-mounted version of last year's bestseller - the Valor freestanding bathtub. No additional recommendations are needed for the wall-mounted model, as it is an increasingly popular choice for Polish bathrooms. Probably because it is an excellent alternative to freestanding bathtubs in smaller rooms, or it looks great against a wall with a distinctive color or original tile pattern.

The Valor Back2Wall bathtub is a monolith with dimensions of 180×80 cm. The monolithic design of the bathtub is characterized by a simple, but certainly not boring form. Here, too, a flat rim is used, which, narrowly led at the longer wall, gradually expands on the shorter sides, and ends with a wide edge on the wall side that can act as a shelf for cosmetics. Inside, care was taken for comfort by properly sloping the walls for an ergonomic back rest. The design maintains a minimalist style by limiting unnecessary ornaments. Of the elements that can serve a decorative function, only the extremely narrow overflow slot and the matching white lid of the click-clack stopper remain.

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