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Livit Marmic ceramic countertop washbasins and Modesty bathtub - new trends in the bathroom

01 of December '22

Livit Marmic ceramic countertop washbasins and Modesty bathtub - new trends in the bathroom

The RIHO Polska sp. z o.o. - Dutch company with over 50 years of tradition, with 7 branches throughout Europe. It has been operating in Poland since 2000, setting new trends in its home market.

Bathroom with Livit Marmic washbasins

MARMIC is another product from the original series of RIHO LIVIT washbasins. This collection creatively uses the possibilities of modern production methods, resulting in, for example: irregular tops imitating slate LIVIT STONE or ultra-matte white surfaces LIVIT VELVET.
MARMIC ceramic countertop washbasins are distinguished by a striking pattern imitating patterns characteristic of marble rocks. The basin is available in three shapes to choose from: round, oval and rectangular. The outer walls of the bowls are led straight, but with a slight rounding towards the base.

In addition to choosing the shape, we can also decide on the color and select one of 2 options for the matte surface: light - white with a gray-beige pattern or dark - black with a gray-white pattern. For a uniform and consistent look, a free-flow drain with a lid of identical decoration is included in the set of basins.

Umywalka LIVIT MARMIC (wersja biała prostokątna)

LIVIT MARMIC washbasin (white rectangular version)


Modernist style of the Modesty bathtub

Modesty is the realization of the vision of a bathtub that is simple, devoid of unnecessary decoration, but nevertheless designer and unique. Following this concept, an oval, free-flowing acrylic bathtub was designed with the outer walls routed almost perpendicular to the floor. Modesty will be perfect for loft interiors, but also glamour or "modern barns". Care was taken not only for its appearance, but, most importantly for the user, also for ergonomics. Thanks to the proper slope of the walls under the back and the central placement of the drain, bathing in the tub is a real pleasure. The compact size, 170 x 76 cm, is the optimal size, at which the bathtub should also fit into smaller bathrooms, and at the same time remain comfortable for daily use.

Wanna MODESTY, kabina typu walk-in GRID, umywalka RIHO Limited THIN

MODESTY bathtub, GRID walk-in cabin, RIHO Limited THIN washbasin


When you crave relaxation - Bathtub Desire

Desire freestanding bathtub is the fulfillment of desires for the best possible relaxation while bathing, while maintaining a unique design and modern bathroom decor. The oval bowl is placed in a simple bathtub enclosure, gently rounded in the corners, with a slightly recessed base at the bottom. Attention is drawn to details such as the narrow chrome overflow and the click-clack siphon with a chrome cover (included in the price of the bathtub). The Desire collection consists of a wall model - DESIRE BACK2WALL (180 x 84 cm) and a corner model - DESIRE CORNER (184 x 84 cm), available in left and right versions.




For more information, visit the company's RIHO Polska sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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