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Vuzetts on hold pending revitalization

13 of October '21

Praga Północ, Praga Południe and Targówek will be covered under the city's new revitalization program. Delineation of the boundaries of the area that has been deemed degraded and will be prioritized is underway. Officials also plan to stop issuing "vuzettes" for at least two years.

Pałacyk Konopackiego

Konopacki Palace

Photo: Pawel Wyszomirski / UM Warszawa

The power to suspend the issuance of zoning decisions is given to City Hall by the 2015 Revitalization Act. Such a step is intended to help secure key plots of land in the revitalized area, which are to be designated for public services or their development should follow the stricter restrictions introduced by local zoning plans. The Warsaw City Hall has been working on a new revitalization plan for a year, the document is expected to set goals until 2030. All the while, implementation of projects under the Integrated Revitalization Program until 2022 is underway.

insufficient effects


Greening of Stalowa Street

Photo: UM Warsaw

Public consultations on the first assumptions of the plan have recently been launched. To begin with, the boundaries of the area that is degraded and requires the fastest support will be defined. The proposed boundaries include the areas of three districts - Praga Północ, Praga Południe and Targówek. Although a number of measures resulting from the 2015-2022 program have been introduced here, there are still areas in this part of the city that require additional support. This is intended to improve the quality of life of residents and level the playing field for them vis-à-vis other Varsovians.

new tools


One of the city's caminis renovated under the current revitalization program

photo: UM Warsaw

The new program will use an expanded array of tools introduced by the 2015 law. As a result, residential development is to be built in a more orderly manner, providing access to nurseries and kindergartens, schools and green spaces. The public consultations that are beginning at the first stage only concern the selection of the area to be included in the planned program. However, in the next steps, the City of Warsaw will decide together with residents on the details of the program.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast