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In Gdansk you can rent a Christmas tree! Why is this a good solution?

Wiktor Bochenek
14 of December '22

If you follow new conspiracy theories as passionately as I do, you are well aware that a theory about how the organizers of the new world order (insert your types here) want to replace ownership with renting stands out to those with the proverbial foil on their heads today. Just what does this have to do with the Christmas trees of Gdansk?

Renting apartments for life, rented cars, laptops, clothes and even furniture. All of this in the proponents of conspiracy theories is arranged into a picture of the modern world, in which a person (ultimately a slave) is supposed to own nothing. Usually some Orwell quote or Bill Gates' statement is hooked up to these theories and voila - we have a theory.

The idea of replacing the ownership of a Christmas tree with renting, as proposed by the Disposal Plant in Gdansk, has not gone away either. The idea itself, however, is more interesting and should interest skeptics.

Zakład Utylizacji oferuje wypożyczenie dwieście pięćdziesiąt świerków

The Utilization Plant offers to rent two hundred and fifty spruce trees

Photo: S. Sobczak | © Zakład Utylizacji w Gdańsku

gdansk tree rental company.

A Christmas tree accompanies the annual celebration of Christmas and is associated with holidays even for those who do not celebrate holidays from a religious perspective. Every year, many people buy a new Christmas tree, opting for a cut or potted one (unless you use an artificial tree). Usually, after the season, the Christmas tree is thrown away or we try to plant it, if its condition allows, which is a problem with dishonest sellers specifically undercutting the roots. No less the first option wins much more often, but what if you can do otherwise?

Renting a Christmas tree, which is offered by the Disposal Plant in Gdansk, brings several advantages, alien to the market turnover. First of all, the payment for the rental will go to the account of the Pomeranian Center for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals "Ostoja". The amount cannot be less than one hundred zlotys.

What kind of Christmas trees does ZU offer? Two hundred and fifty common spruce trees of different heights - from 100 or even up to 140 centimeters. The pools are divided into Christmas trees available for households and businesses. Each spruce tree will come with instructions on how to care for the tree so that it will quietly survive the season. Christmas trees will need to be picked up on December 18 and returned by January 10 at the UU headquarters. During the pickup, you will be able to talk to the foundation's staff about the protection and rehabilitation of wild animals.

What will happen to the Christmas trees after the season? Trees that come back in good condition after the holidays will be taken care of by the ZU so that they can be used next year. For those that are damaged, they will be given to the city's composting plant, where they will be turned into natural fertilizer. By all means, the tree will go back into closed circulation.

Choinki można wypożyczyć na stronie

Christmas trees can be borrowed from the Recycling Plant website

© Recycling Plant in Gdansk


By renting a Christmas tree in Gdansk instead of buying one, we will support wild animals, we will implement an element of closed-loop economy into the Christmas season, which is already chewed up by consumerism, and additionally we will not have to think about what to do with the tree after the season. The drawbacks, unless we believe in conspiracy theories suggesting human enslavement to leasing, are lacking. The solution being developed by the Disposal Plant is appearing for the second time in Gdansk, and is growing every year. Will the solution perform just as well this year? We'll see, it's worth watching this practice. Perhaps other cities will also take the example?

For more information, visit the dedicated action page - See here.

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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