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Steeped in history

21 of October '19

Event: Stepping on history - a walk through the Downtown in the footsteps of the floors
Meeting place: in front of the entrance to the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology, 1 Politechniki Square
Time: October 27, 2019,
start at 10:00 am (the walk will last about 1.5 h)

Additional information: Facebook event page

Found in cafes, religious buildings and rental tenements, beautiful, though often bitten by the teeth of time. Produced decades ago in the factories of the Dziewulski and Lange company, whose traditions are continued by today's Opoczno, the various ceramic tiles have become an element of history written on the floors of the space around us. To this day, they are preserved in many places on the map of Warsaw and other Polish cities. In our daily run, we don't pay attention to them - but there will be an opportunity to do so during a certain unique walk.

Tiles with history

The history of ceramic tiles and the Dziewulski and Lange company began as early as 1883, in Opoczno. Initially, the company produced red brick and other ceramic products, but soon began producing stoneware tiles for lining floors, which quickly won the approval of customers and made history for a long time. From its inception, the company produced ceramic products at the highest level, and their quality was confirmed by numerous awards. The company followed European trends, while relying on professionalism and creativity, and used the talents of real artists when developing designs.

Unique design

Characteristic designs signed by Dziewulski and Lange include octagonal tiles combined with square decors, patterned tiles arranged in a "feminine" pattern with geometric motifs or Art Nouveau floral decorations, as well as the iconic "corsets" or "irises." One should also not forget the designs of patterns selected in competitions for architects, such as oak, maple or nenufar. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, to this day you can see implementations using them in the buildings of Warsaw, Gdynia, Lodz, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Opoczno and many other cities.

Walk in the footsteps of historic floors

Everyone will be able to rediscover the beauty of floors laid with Dziewulski and Lange tiles. A unique walk will take place in Warsaw on October 27, during which participants will be able to get acquainted with the history written in the floors of Warsaw's tenement houses, public buildings and religious buildings. This is an incredible opportunity to get to know the city from a completely new perspective and a chance to appreciate the beauty of historic floors and the traditions associated with them. We will be led in the footsteps of these unique tiles by Adrian Sobieszczański - historian, varsavianist and licensed Warsaw guide and creator of original thematic walks around the capital. The event is organized by the Hereditas Foundation, whose mission is to protect cultural heritage. For several years, the Foundation has been active in the preservation of historic architectural detail, including floor tiles. The Opoczno brand has assumed patronage of the event.

By supporting the initiative of walking in the footsteps of pre-war floors, we want to build awareness of what history they carry. This idea is close to our hearts - the Opoczno brand, as a continuator of the Dziewulski and Lange company, attaches great importance to such values as respect for tradition or commitment to quality and detail. That is why we want to bring the subject of Opoczno's ceramic heritage to a wider audience. More and more people are beginning to take an interest in historic floors, the positive results of which are their more frequent revitalization or restoration. Unfortunately, in private tenements many of them are still destroyed and removed. It is worth taking care to popularize their historical and aesthetic value - perhaps thanks to this, among other things, they will not disappear completely from our surroundings," says Małgorzata Matuzewicz, Brand Marketing Manager of the Opoczno brand.

is one of the most recognizable and oldest ceramic tile brands in Poland. Its tradition dates back to 1883. It provides its customers with products of the highest quality, and also inspires and helps build a vision of a dream space for the entire home. Opoczno creates collections that reflect patterns, textures and surfaces inspired by the beauty of nature and the diversity of the world. The brand's products can create a unique atmosphere for interiors: living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs, hallways, as well as the surroundings of the house: elevations, terraces, balconies, driveways and gardens. Opoczno tiles are characterized by contemporary design, which is the result of cooperation with architects and designers, and a passion for finding ideas in line with the latest design trends, customers' expectations and their dreams of beautiful interiors. Opoczno stands for the highest quality, which is confirmed by many years of tradition and customer trust.

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