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Say hello to the emperor, goodbye to the passenger. A walk on Wroclaw's Pilsudski Street

14 of August '20

On Saturday, August 22 this year, the fourth and last walk in Wroclaw in the series Other Walks will take place. This time the main character of the event will be Pilsudski Street, which hides many interesting stories and architectural gems.

Inne Spacery is a series of walks around the center of Wroclaw, organized by Inne Centrum and the House of Peace Foundation in cooperation with the City Promotion and Tourism Office and the Economic Development Office. The purpose of the meetings is to promote a different perspective on the city center, because, as the organizers write, each of us has our center somewhere else.

Wroclaw's Pilsudski Street, although today it looks inconspicuous, hides extraordinary historical and architectural values. Many important points on the city's map are located along it - the Central Railway Station, the Capitol Music Theater, the Lower Silesian Film Center or the Philharmonic building. However, this was not always the case. Its pre-war name Gartenstrasse (German: Ogrodowa) indicates its original character - it was home to vegetable gardens and orchards, the produce of which found its way to Wroclaw's tables. Its importance began to change from the 1840s, with the development of the railroad. The age of steam and machinery caused the street to become the city's salon at the turn of the 20th century. Numerous hotels, restaurants, as well as edifices of administrative and cultural institutions were erected on the site of the former gardens. After World War II, despite the destruction, the then Swierczewskiego Street quickly became (along with Świdnicka Street) the main commercial and service artery. The metropolitan character of the street was visible both during the day and at night, when it was illuminated by a feast of colorful neon signs.

spacer po ulicy Piłsudskiego we Wrocławiu

A walk down Pilsudski Street in Wroclaw

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The walk will be led by Krzysztof Ziental, a Wroclaw resident, art historian, monument/conservationist, participation practitioner and civil servant. He situates his research interests in the history of architecture around the issues of post-war modernism in Poland and modernism in general, as well as renovation and adaptation of monuments. He has worked with restoration studios, coordinating research and restoration work (including the Central Railway Station, St. Matthias Church in Wroclaw). Co-author of nearly thirty conservation studies. Official in charge of revitalization (Kalisz 2014-2016) and public participation (Kalisz 2014-2016, Wrocław 2016-present), also served as City Artist (Kalisz 2016). Currently Head of the Participation Department of the Social Participation Department of the Wroclaw City Hall. Coordinator of dozens of consultation processes. Co-editor of the website Wrocław Rozmawia - social participation portal, content supervisor of Microgrants - a city-wide program to support grassroots initiatives.

The walk will take place on Saturday, August 22 at 11:00 a.m.
Gathering place: Dobro&Dobro, 2 Małachowskiego St.
You can sign up for the event here, and more information is available on Facebook.

Organizers ask that all participants wear masks. Disinfectant will also be available.

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