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"What do London and Prague have in common?" - Episode 3 of the series "The City According to Z"

10 of April '20

Podcast by Marta Rachwol and Jack Mark
(ZETKA Agency)

Are there cities that are friendlier to young people than others? Do visitors treat the city differently than those who live there every day? These and several other questions in the latest episode of the "City According to Z" podcast series. - take a listen. We invite you to join us!

Marta Rachwol
A BArch graduate from the University of Westminster in London, majoring in Architecture. During her studies she had the opportunity to broaden her horizons at Wright&Wright office, participate in RIBA mentoring program in UK. Since the end of her studies, she has been working in Prague as a Junior Architect, working on international projects. He co-founded the first agency in Poland composed of 100% representatives of generation Z (ZETKI), where he is responsible for graphics, photography and architecture. In his spare time he replants plants.

Jacek Marek
Co-founder of Poland's first ZETKI agency composed of 100% representatives of generation Z, where he is responsible for copywriting, marketing and cooperation with clients. He repeatedly asks himself "what do I like to do in life?" and then starts doing it. As a result, he has gathered experience in journalism (Rock Radio, TokFM), project management (Zwolnieni z Teorii), event organizing, mentoring and even coffee brewing, among other things. Privately, he is a lover of music, playing guitar, skateboarding, surfing and walking around the city.

From the podcast series titled: "The City According to Z".

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