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A new definition of complete joinery for the home from the KRISPOL brand

17 of February '22

KRISPOL FEN 84H hybrid windows

Architects are increasingly faced with the challenge of combining the visions and dreams of investors with construction standards and norms, and at the same time demonstrate an unparalleled sense of aesthetics. Following the increasingly exorbitant market expectations, KRISPOL has opted for full color matching of the woodwork set. This is a guarantee of full stylistic consistency inside and outside the house.

A novelty in KRISPOL's offer - FEN 84H windows, are an important intermediate element on the way to a dream home, without compromises.
The adjective "hybrid" has been resounding more and more strongly in many industries for several years. In the window industry, behind the word "hybrid" is the combination of a proven PVC window system with an aluminum overlay. It's a perfect match, in which one element is responsible for the window's high thermal performance, while the other transforms its classic appearance into an aluminum and modern style.

Full harmony of arrangement

The hybrid window is a product for creative investors, architects and interior designers. Regardless of whether the customer chooses PVC solutions or aluminum joinery, he can freely mix their colors. By opting for the bi-color option, he can easily distinguish the color of the interior, from the exterior of the house - for example, using Woodec Oak Turner veneer to match kitchen furniture or floor panels, without losing stylistic consistency with RAL-painted elements on the outside of the building - garage door, front door, roller shutters or blinds. The introduction of the FEN 84H windows is a new approach to offering a set of joinery from a single manufacturer and a full sense of control over the purchase - maintaining a balance between price and quality. It's also an opportunity to enjoy a unique product perfectly matched to the design of the building, as well as the arrangement of its interior.




Top parameters

In addition to the undoubted freedom to mix solutions, the advantage of hybrid windows, i.e. with an aluminum overlay, is their durability. Aluminum is a reliable and weather-resistant material that is characterized by high tightness. Its advantage is also the possibility of multiple recycling. Enriched with an aluminum overlay, the window gains a light and modern appearance. The use of PVC system with optimized construction of frames and sashes, triple gasket system and 3-glazed packages, on the other hand, offers excellent thermal insulation parameters and heat loss reduction with a coefficient as low as Uw=0.72 W/m2K. Such a solution will work very well in an energy-efficient house - it will provide good thermal insulation, which will translate into lower building operating costs.

FEN 84H windows are a true hybrid - aluminum design with energy efficiency of PVC.

Building a house is often one of the biggest undertakings in life, which is why there is a growing number of conscious investors who approach the whole process responsibly, wanting to make the best choice for years to come. Investors know that woodwork from a proven manufacturer is a solid investment in the future, as well as a guarantee of savings during the operation of the building.

For more information, visit the company's KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. page on the AiB portal.

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