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Two-tone windows

08 of January '20

Windows are no longer treated as a necessary part of a building's structure, but are increasingly also a decorative element of the block and interior. According to Awilux, customers are becoming more and more conscious about the purchase of windows, and as their awareness grows, they are opting for warm and safe solutions that match the style of the facade and the design intent of the interior. These requirements are met by two-color windows from the Awilux range.

The color of the windows should harmonize with the design of the house and apartment, as well as emphasize the facade of the building and, of course, match the exterior door and roof. In the age of modern technology, it is possible to choose window joinery with a different color inside and outside - that is, two-color windows, available from Awilux.

For whom are two-color windows?

Many years ago, only white PVC windows were available on the market, in a slightly later period - PVC windows styled on wood. Relatively recently, RAL color application technologies have been introduced to the market. Despite such a wide range of possibilities, we can not always fulfill our window color dreams by selecting woodwork of the same color on the outside and inside. With help comes Awilux, which has two-color windows in its offer.

What color to choose?

When replacing windows with new ones, the choice of their color in many cases must be approved by the conservator or the housing association. Awilux offers windows that have different colors on the inside and outside, making it possible to create an arrangement that blends in like a chameleon with the style of the facade, while satisfying our sense of aesthetics when it comes to the interior.

Thanks to two-color windows, we don't have to worry that the facade of our block, where only white windows are installed, will lose its attractiveness through selective installation of woodwork in other colors. Two-color windows from the Awilux range are also ideal if you live in a traditional tenement in the city center, but want to decorate the interior in a futuristic, austere style. In the case of new buildings, two-color windows from the Awilux range will make it possible to match their color with the facade and neighborhood on the one hand, and the interior furnishings on the other. Thanks to two-color windows, nothing will limit our ideas about the ideal home anymore, while maintaining the aesthetics of the facade.

Which windows to choose?

The Schüco LivIng two-color windows available from Awilux meet all expectations in terms of comfort, security and energy efficiency. Thanks to the 7-chamber profile design with an installation depth of 82 mm and the use of two or three innovative EPDM seals, the solution is distinguished by high technical parameters. In addition, the narrow profiles of Schüco LivIng MD windows guarantee maximum light access, and thus additional solar energy. It is worth remembering that, thanks to three planes of seals, these windows also provide optimal protection against wind, rain and noise.

Don't give up on your dreams

Choosing the color of woodwork is quite a challenge, so we can create harmonious facades and arrangements. The two-color Schüco LivIng windows from Awilux's range will blend in perfectly with the style of the facade and the premises - making it possible to meet the expectations of both residents and neighbors and property managers.

Sample quote:
Awilux reference window 1230×1480 mm, Schüco LivIng profile with glazing Ug=0.5 in two different colors (inside and outside) price about 1200 PLN net.

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