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Gawrówka settlement - simple forms and ecological solutions at the foot of Czarna Góra

15 of December '20

In a picturesque valley at the foot of Czarna Góra, architects from the GRID studio designed the Gawrówka Settlement. Four small, year-round, timber-framed cottages surround the square, and high glazing on opposite elevations opens up to magnificent mountain views.

całoroczne cottages in the Sudetenlandcałoroczne cottages in the Sudetenlandcałoroczne cottages in the Sudetenland

year-round cottages in the Sudetes

vision: GID studio © GRID architects

Ola Kloc: What was the priority for investors?

GRID architects: This question is probably best answered by the investors themselves. For our part, we tried to realize the submitted catalog of needs in such a way that we ourselves would want to visit the place in the future.

Investors: Our dream was to create a place where you can enjoy the charms of the Śnieżnik Massif, a region with which we are emotionally connected. As soon as we found a sunny, secluded plot of land in a valley by the Janówka stream at the foot of Czarna Góra, we decided that this is where the Gawrówka Settlement will be built - a complex of four year-round cottages with an outdoor sauna and a bathing banya. We will use electricity from photovoltaic panels mounted on the roofs to provide heating.
The design was intended to harmonize with nature and blend in with the surrounding landscape. We wanted simple forms, open spaces and the possibility to experience the surrounding mountain nature from inside as well. The interiors will be consistently dominated by simplicity of form and eco style. Our goal was to provide comfort for four people, but each cottage will be able to accommodate an additional two guests.
Undoubtedly, the project itself, thanks to the cooperation with GRID architects, is already a great success, but the hardest thing ahead - the selection of contractors and the implementation of the project.



© GRID architekci

Ola: You opted for wooden elevations, large glazing and traditional gabled roofs, what influenced the final shapes of the blocks?

GRID architects: First of all, we opted for wooden construction, that is, realizing the building based on prefabricated frame systems. The choice of the facade, wooden shingles combined with glass, is partly a consequence of this decision, but also a natural choice for this location. The final result is a rather cosmopolitan architecture, but according to us, one can find references to historic buildings from the neighborhood. The design was intended to harmonize with nature - the small scale and form of the wooden cottages will allow the development to blend in with the surrounding landscape. Large glazing provides the opportunity to commune with the surrounding nature, which becomes part of the interior of this small house. The buildings have been located so that everyone has an unobstructed view and can feel at ease, while at the same time they form a cohesive ensemble with a common courtyard.


cross section

© GRID architects

Ola: What was the most difficult part of this project, and what are you most satisfied with?

GRID architects: The most difficult is yet to come, namely the construction. At the moment, we are most satisfied that we are pretty much on the same wavelength with the investors and some decisions and agreements, such as the lack of a fence, are made unanimously or with little need for argument.

Ola Kloc

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