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The world's natural stone expert at Cosentino

18 of December '19

At Cosentino's headquarters near Warsaw, architects, designers and journalists met with Anil Taneja, a world expert in natural stone. The director of the World Natural Stone Association gave a lecture on the creative use of stone and talked about the latest trends in the use of this raw material in architecture and industrial design.

in the world of stone

Cosentino is known for producing sophisticated materials that are widely used in architecture and design. It offers various types of surfaces, enabling the creation of unique designs and solutions for interiors, homes, as well as public buildings. In addition to Silestone conglomerates and Dekton ultra-compact surface, the Spanish manufacturer's offer includes stone, a material that has been used in the world of architecture, construction and interior design for hundreds of years. Its natural beauty, Anil Taneja told those gathered that evening, make it unique and timeless. After the special guest's lecture, Cosentino Poland CEO Miguel Sierra showed guests a selection of stones from the Sensa collection, specially treated granites and quartzites that require no additional maintenance.

Sensa and Natural Stone

The Sensa collection consists of selected granite and quartzite patterns, long-lasting protected by Cosentino's patented technology. The Senguard NK layer is chemically integrated into the material, but allows air to flow through the surface pores. This treatment changes the surface tension of the stone, making it naturally and permanently protected against the penetration of liquids such as water, coffee or oil. This breakthrough innovation extends the durability of the material without changing the appearance or texture of the surface. The Sensa collection features the most beautiful stones from Brazil and India, selected according to strict criteria of quality and aesthetics. Nilo quartzite in dark gray with veins scattered throughout the slab has just joined their portfolio. The new stone is offered in a polished Mirage finish.

In addition, natural stone enthusiasts will also find classic offerings from Cosentino, such as marble, granite, limestone and travertine. Carefully selected, they make a unique and still highly desirable proposal for interiors.

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