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Zachęta - National Gallery of Art goes online

15 of April '20

Zachęta - National Gallery of Art is not halting its activities for the pandemic, on the contrary! The gallery has launched an innovative project that provides access to culture 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Art has never been so accessible! Thanks to Zachęta's initiative, without leaving home, it is now possible to virtually visit exhibitions, take part in workshops, download and browse publications, visit the bookstore and buy a book at a special discount, as well as explore usually inaccessible corners of the gallery or watch a video on the Zachęta YouTube channel.

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Zachęta is the first gallery in Poland to launch such a wide-ranging cultural and educational offer on the Internet, immediately after its closure, and continues to expand its fields of communication with the public. It has launched a new art project on Instagram, which is also turning into an exhibition space. The artists are looking at how the virtual world satisfies the need for real intimacy. Scrolling the System, prepared specifically for this medium and its audience, is recommended for anyone looking for answers to today's extremely topical question: where are we going?

The gallery is also inaugurating the Zachęta Online Magazine - a magazine about art in a new formula. It publishes the most interesting interviews with artists, shows documentation of exhibitions, films and works from Zachęta's collection. All available under free Creative Commons licenses. Guiding you through the multitude of these offerings is Zachęta's Information team, also available online link (you must have Skype installed).

Zachęta also traditionally cares about its youngest audience. It has prepared special proposals for workshops for families with children using instant messaging (Skype, Zoom). It invites to family workshops, such as "Sculptor at Home" or "Power Tree", twice a day![enrollment information]. In addition, online guided tours of four current exhibitions and videos in the series Backstage of Zachęta, dedicated to the works of art in the gallery, are just part of a special program for this difficult time.

We are present in many homes around the world. This gives us the strength and power to act. - Says Hanna Wróblewska, director of Zachęta.

Believing in the responsibility of institutions in a crisis situation, Zachęta does not forget about the artists themselves and launches a special program - a social package. This is a joint initiative grouping several cultural institutions, providing a real opportunity for creative work, despite the changed exhibition cycle. The gallery is giving away its permanent advertising media to artists whose exhibitions have been canceled or postponed, which the public cannot now see. It also wants to help teachers by preparing a unique offer of online workshops for schools.

A detailed program of events can be found here:

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