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10 autumn interior trends

Dobrawa Bies
25 of September '20

September marks the opening of the autumn season. Especially for you, we have prepared a review of the 10 most important trends for the coming period. Trends in lighting, fashionable fabrics, trends in interior design. Get to know them all!

1. product - lamps

In the autumn season we will admire a new type of lampshades, decorated with vertical grooves. The most fashionable will be those in burnt bronze or terracotta color. White ball-shaped lampshades will continue at the forefront of the trend, but their bases and the arms on which they are suspended will take on geometric shapes. This subtle change will give them a new character.

Tekstylia teddy

trendy puffy textiles

© WestwingNow

2. textiles - teddy

The world of textiles will be completely taken over by teddy fabric! It will be found on sofas, chairs, armchairs. Even those pieces of furniture that are usually without upholstery, such as stools or benches, will become soft and fluffy thanks to teddy.

3. decorations - graphics with autumn motifs

Linear, black and white graphics, which have been fashionable for some time, will be filled with color for autumn! They will look like an artist-prepared coloring book. In addition, they will be framed in gold, made of renewable resources, which is the answer to the needs of our time.

Jesienne trendy,
liliowy kolor

all shades of purple in interiors

© WestwingNow

4th color - lilac

This year we are not saying goodbye to purple with the arrival of autumn. This is a color that will appear in interiors in all its shades - from safe pastels, such as lilac, lavender, heather, to strong and expressive - amaranth, fuchsia, purple and indigo.

5th style - vintage

In the coming seasons we will see a new fashion for items we already know. This means that vintage style is back in its prime! Stylized vases, mirrors in antique frames, carved caskets will turn out to be trendy again.

Lifstyle nesting

Cozy and warm interiors

© WestwingNow

6. lifestyle - nesting

There is also a new trend in our lifestyle - nesting, or nesting. In home & living terms, it means that we will arrange our homes so that they become safe, warm and cozy. This will make the time we spend in them extra important to us.

7. taking care of ourselves - home spa

In autumn, skin care is more complex and more intensive than that carried out in summer. During this period, we will especially appreciate cosmetics rich in precious natural ingredients, as well as accessories that will allow us to perform cosmetic treatments at home on our own.

Jesienna kuchnia

In autumn, accessories are equally important in the kitchen

© WestwingNow

8. kitchen - richness

Upcoming trends show that in autumn we will pay attention not only to what we eat, but also on what we eat! The way we serve dishes will become almost royal. Gold cutlery, porcelain table ware and patterned scones will be the companions of everyday meals, not just festive ones.

9. fashion - chic

This fall all fashionistas will lose their heads for quality! Among accessories, leather handbags and gold-plated jewelry will lead the way. We will no longer buy often, but well! Such things will present themselves like new also in the following seasons.

Jesienna sypialnia

comfortable bedroom

© WestwingNow

10. interiors - a royal bedroom

In the months ahead, we will take care of ourselves comprehensively: beauty, well-being, as well as comfortable sleep. The bedroom will become the most important room in the house, where a comfortable continental bed covered with satin sheets will reign supreme, as well as a comfortable armchair where we will rest during the day. And all this in soothing, muted colors.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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