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5 home office design ideas

25 of August '20

Many of us will continue to work from home after the vacations. Returning to remote work can be an impetus to make changes to the space that will make the home office feel even better. Here's a list of five common design problems and ideas for solving them.

Aranżacja domowego

bright home office arrangement

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1. desk clutter

It's hard to expect an open mind if you start each day by finding a piece of free space on your desk. Acreative whiteboard may be the solution. It is to it that you will transfer the clutter of documents and inspirations in an orderly manner. The very act of doing so will not only help you sort your documents and ideas, but also help you prioritize your tasks.

2. the office looks bad for video conferencing

Spruce up the wall behind your back. The easiest way is to create a gallery of matching images, photos and graphics. What is most important is the size of the gallery, which size should perfectly fit the computer screen. A background prepared in this way will magnificently present your image on teleconferences.

Aranżacja ściany nad

A good idea is to arrange the wall above the desk

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3. office accessories don't look the best

Buy such accessories that look like decorations! Stapler, scissors, paper clips, utensil rack and filing and storage systems are essential on your desk. All of them can be really interesting, as designer office accessories are an area increasingly explored by designers. Keep small items, such as paper clips, in decorative caskets. File documents in patterned organizers. Gold or copper-colored accessories are very fashionable now.

akcesoria na biurku

Trendy colors are gold and copper

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4. eye fatigue while working

Focus your eyes on greenery from time to time! Put plants in your home office. Whether you choose cut or potted flowers - they will have the same soothing effect. However, remember to frame them properly. Nowadays vases and pot covers are real small works of art, which perfectly reflect current trends in design, e.g. terracotta, terrazzo.

5. fatigue

Whether you work in the office or at home, show the world your interests! The simplest and most fashionable way lately is coffee table books, i.e. beautifully published albums from a variety of fields - architecture, art, fashion, culinary. Add to them book supports in fancy shapes, and your bookshelf will become a real mine of inspiration!

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