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5 steps to a quick bathroom makeover

11 of May '20

Statistics show that we renovate our bathroom on average once every ten to twelve years. Many of us think that it is cumbersome, expensive and requires specialized skills. Meanwhile, with our advice, it only takes a weekend for a home bathroom to gain a completely new face. Modern, functional equipment will also make the interior more comfortable to use and more hygienic.

We suggest how to carry out a quick and easy metamorphosis of the home bathroom.

1. washbasin on the plus side

If you want to improve not only the appearance, but also the functionality of your home bathroom, it is worth replacing the traditional pedestal washbasin witha modern furniture washbasin with a cabinet. In the Modo series by Kolo, you will find ready-made sets in four sizes - from 50 up to 100 cm wide. This allows you to optimally match the size to the interior. Large, deep cabinet drawers, equipped with a silent closing mechanism, allow you to conveniently store items. Universal white color and modern, elegant design perfectly fit in with current trends. Cabinets are available in hanging and standing versions, with chrome-colored handles as standard.

Sposoby na szybką przemianę łazienki. Umywalki MODO

It is worth replacing a traditional washbasin with a pedestal with a modern furniture washbasin with a cabinet.

© Kolo

2. modern toilet

Refreshing the home bathroom, we can not forget about the toilet seat. Improvements are being made to simplify installation, make it easier to keep clean, and improve hygiene. Modo Kolo toilet bowls are designed for easy installation from above, thanks to the use of the Easy Fastening Fix 2 mounting kit. They fit Geberit and Kolo brand racks, and are also offered complete with a concealed rack. In the Modo collection, you will find as many as four models of wall-mounted bowls, including the Modo Pure short toilet bowl for small bathrooms, and the Modo Pure Oval set with a classic oval shape to fit any interior.

3. everyday hygiene

When renovating a bathroom, it is worth reaching for modern solutions to improve hygiene. The toilet bowls in the Modo series are manufactured with Rimfree® flangeless technology. Using a specially designed nozzle, water is precisely distributed throughout the ceramic. Its stream gently flows down the rim, ensuring a perfect flush. The compact form and full accessibility of the interior of the ceramic make it significantly easier to keep the toilet bowls clean.

Nowy kolor płytek.

Repainting the tiles in a new color will significantly change the interior.

© Kolo

4. old tiles in a new color

Replacing tiles and installing plumbing are the activities we are most likely to entrust to professionals. We can also get a spectacular effect ourselves, saving money and time - just repaint the tiles in a new color.
To do this, we should get a special renovation paint for ceramic tiles and stoneware. We should fill the defects of the tiles before painting with acrylic, grout or waterproof compound. We should also remember to remove the old silicone from the tiles and thoroughly wash, degrease and decalcify the surface. Tiles are always painted twice, so it will be best to spread this work over two days.

Nowe lampy zmienią wygląd łazienki

New lamps will change the character of the interior

© Kolo

5. attention to detail

Designers often emphasize that the detail creates the interior. To make your home bathroom metamorphosis a success, let's choose accessories wisely. An important part of the design of any interior is lighting. Sometimes it is enough to replace bulbs and lamps to improve the functionality and emphasize the character of the arrangement. It may be a good idea to buy an illuminated mirror or install an additional magnifying mirror on a movable arm.

To be sure that the bathroom decor will be stylistically consistent, it is advisable to use designs developed by individual brands. Refined in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, the Kolo Modo series includes ceramics, furniture and four models of rectangular bathtubs, which allows everyone to independently complete harmonious bathroom furnishings.

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