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Christmas tree vertigo? There are ways to do it in Krakow and Wroclaw

Wiktor Bochenek
09 of January '23

The piled-up packages of post-Christmas food are slowly disappearing from our refrigerators, but that doesn't mean all the elements of Christmas have disappeared. We usually still keep a Christmas tree at home a few weeks after this December season - what to do with it? Krakow and Wroclaw join Gdansk with their ideas.

A few days before Christmas that year, we reported on the action conducted by the Recycling Plant in Gdansk. Residents of Gdansk and the surrounding area could donate money to the wildlife rehabilitation center, and in return received a Christmas tree to decorate their Christmas homes for a few weeks. The form of such a lending library made life easier in many ways for Gdansk residents, who did not have to worry about what to do with the Christmas tree. In this way, a municipal micro-closed circuit was created, whereby the trees were returned to the plant to serve the following year, or be composted.

Two more cities, Krakow and Wroclaw , are participating in the Christmas tree closed loop race. How do the systems created by these two cities differ?

krakow's "replanting" campaign

How is the issue with Christmas trees solved by Cracow? City institutions are collecting Christmas trees, which can be donated from January 9, 2023 to designated points. We can leave a tree at any time of the day. The collection of trees will last until February 17 this year. What will happen to the trees donated by Cracovians?

They will be planted throughout the city as part of "Operation Christmas Tree". The first effects of this year's program can already be seen in Krakow. On the Przy Arce estate, the first Christmas trees have been planted in the ground, which are expected to green up the neighborhood as the years go by. It should be taken into account that some of these trees will simply not take, but the sum of the growing trees will still be greater than if the action was not carried out at all. In the case of this solution, the institutions of the city of Krakow are responsible for the operation, in a different way this issue was resolved in Wroclaw.

More information on the facebook page of the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow.

W Krakowie zasadzono już pierwsza drzewka

The first tree has already been planted in Krakow

© Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow

wrocław neighborhood partnership

The topic was approached differently by the Wrocław Greenery Board. While in Cracow the entire planting process is watched over by the watchful eye of city institutions, Wrocław has relied on a very simple exchange of neighborly exchanges. How does this system work?

At the moment when we decide that our Christmas tree can leave the thresholds of the house, we go to the Green Wroclaw profile on Facebook, where we put a comment under the post with a photo and dimensions of our Christmas tree. If our Christmas tree gets a "tinder matcha," we will be approached by a person who is eager to plant a tree in their personal space. In this way, new neighborhood ties are created, and a small amount of work is done for the city institutions themselves.

For more information, visit the Facebook page of the Board of Urban Greening in Wroclaw.

Wrocław postawił na system łączenia osób, które chcą drzewka oddać z tymi, którzy chcą je zasadzić.

Wroclaw has bet on a system of connecting people who want to donate trees with those who want to plant them.

© Zielony Wrocław

by the thread to the ball

A closed-loop system of post-Christmas Christmas trees won't save the world and cities, but it's nevertheless worth thinking about as a good supplement - perhaps the actions in Gdansk, Krakow and Wroclaw will become an inspiration for a wider introduction of closed-loop economy principles in cities, from small to large things. In the meantime, let's enjoy the fact that we can help wild animals or gladden the eye with planted Christmas trees.

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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