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Aleksandra Gajewska - "Bytom. A modern marketplace in a medieval structure"

06 of March '23
Technical data
Type: engineering thesis
Year of defense: 2022

Aleksandra Gajewska

Wydział Architektury Politechniki Śląskiej

Dr. Krzysztof Kafka Prof. PŚ

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture"

The subject of the study is the concept of public space development and the design of the Municipal Cultural and Service Center, taking into account the existing historical, social, landscape and natural aspects. In accordance with the idea of mixed-use, the area was developed as a multifunctional space integrating the residents of Bytom and restoring the local identity of the downtown area. The essence of the project is the clear division of the space into three zones: scenic, bringing the user closer to nature; representative, being a showcase of the city and a space for important social events; and cultural and service with a newly designed building that fits into the medieval structure of the city, serving as a modern cultural and service center.

przekrój ideowy, obecny i nowoczesny rynek zagospodarowanie terenu

idea cross-section, current and modern marketplace; site development plan

© Aleksandra Gajewska

landscape zone

The concept of the project is to create a space that is a substitute for that part of the market from the second half of the 20th century, i.e. a green oasis overgrown with grass, with an element of water and diverse vegetation. The zone is intended as a step towards greening the downtown area and highlighting the significant impact of vegetation on lowering the city's temperature. By introducing a large amount of greenery and biologically active areas, the project is intended to demonstrate the importance of greenery in the city, while preparing Bytom for climate change. The new site takes a naturalistic form.

wizualizacja projektowanego rynku z lotu ptaka wizualizacja

bird's eye view visualization of the designed market

© Aleksandra Gajewska

The design of the zone includes: a gastronomic alley; a space with a biologically active area with hills with vegetation and trees giving the space three-dimensionality; infiltration and retention basins located at the lowest point of the developed area, and elements of small architecture.

representative zone

The market is to be a showcase of Bytom and a place for important social events. The concept of the representative zone refers to the space of the market from before the second half of the 20th century, the time when the town hall still existed here and the market square had a shape similar to a square. The representative zone is an open space with benches and hills with trees providing shade. Important elements of the central area would be the water element, namely a shallow fountain, and a sculpture of a sleeping lion. Such a market would make it possible to organize important events for the city's residents, and would be a space that prepares them for active participation in and co-creation of culture.

przekrójprzekrój przez teren

cross-section through the area

© Aleksandra Gajewska

cultural and service zone

An important element of the third zone is the designed building of the Municipal Cultural and Service Center. It provides a venue for events. A staircase provides seating space with a view of the entire market. On the first floor are year-round food gardens, which are currently open only in the summer. The second floor is occupied by a reading room and a clubhouse. The next two are temporary rental rooms, so the building could be used from early morning until late at night. The fourth and final floor is inspired by "public food landscapes", or spaces where food is produced. The fourth floor is a space with pots of growing fruits and vegetables that, once harvested, could be transported to a nearby food pantry.

aksonometria i schemat konstrukcyjny wizualizacja

axonometry and construction diagram and visualization

© Aleksandra Gajewska


Illustrations: © Author

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