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7 ways to arrange an interior in the biophilic design trend

Dobrawa Bies
18 of November '20

Autumn has arrived, slowly turning its golden hues into a dreary gray. We long more and more for lush greenery, endless landscapes and sunshine. The love for everything to do with the natural environment has not been as strong for a long time as it is now. Learn about arrangement tricks that allow you to get closer to nature.

The seemingly ordinary human need to maintain a connection with the natural world has been recognized as a socially important phenomenon that has come to be known as biophilia. It manifests itself in many areas of life, including in interior design and decoration. Everything is aimed at making us feel oneness with the environment on a daily basis and recognizing the positive impact on our health, working conditions and relaxation. Read our tips for arranging interiors in harmony with biophilia.

Zielona kanapa
w nurcie biofilii

Nature and the color green reduce stress

© WestwingNow

1. nature reduces stress

Use design and arrangementsolutions that refer to and imitate phenomena observed in nature. They promote our health at work and at home, create the right conditions for concentration and relaxation. As a result, we do not easily succumb to stress, we are more creative, we get sick less often and recover faster.

2. plants and. even more plants!

Surround yourself with plants on a daily basis. Live plants are an obvious and necessary addition in interiors, living green walls or plant installations can also be an interesting solution. Also very important are colors, patterns, shapes that mimic the natural ones.

Aranżacja wnętrza
z Westwing

Natural light, bright spaces and lots of vegetation positively affect the mood

© WestwigNow

3. bet on natural light

Arrange your interiors so that you have the opportunity to experience natural light for as long as possible. Large, panoramic windows, glazing, open spaces are conducive to this. When designing lighting, keep in mind the possibility of installing light sources of different colors (different for work and for rest), solutions that allow you to diffuse light, brighten and dim it.

4. calm and tranquility

Take advantage of calming stimuli. In rooms - especially offices, consider solutions that will allow us to be accompanied by a calming view and the sound of water.

Salon i miejsce
pracy z zielonymi dodatkami

Surround yourself with plants and green accessories

© WestwingNow

5. a breath of fresh air

Ensure that the temperature and air flow in the rooms are variable. This has been shown to facilitate creative thinking, concentration and chase away drowsiness.

6. the smell of nature

Nature is worth not only seeing, but also smelling. Being able to use multiple senses benefits our functioning. That's why it's worth smelling plants from time to time, airing the room, changing its temperature.

z naturalnymi dekoracjami

Nature-inspired decorations bring many benefits

© WestwingNow

7. nature-inspired decorations

Nature-inspiredaccessories also bring benefits. Paintings depicting nature, landscapes and flowers, for example, have a positive effect. It has been shown that by communing with such design, a person recovers faster, rests and relaxes just like in nature.

Dobrawa Bies

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