81.waw.pl. Pracownia architektoniczna

81 - Martial law. Cards for meat and cold cuts. The premiere of the movie "Teddy Bear." The 1,000,000th toddler is produced. Assassination attempt on the Pope. MTV is launched. The first personal PC.

WAW - because... we live and work in the city we were born in.

PL - because... we are proud to be from Poland

A project is first and foremost an idea. All solutions must be well thought out and justified. Therefore, from the very beginning of our work, we listen carefully to what the investor's needs are, in order to adapt the project to his expectations. At the end we add something from ourselves. We call it a pinch of madness.

While most architects are most fond of the first, conceptual stage of the project, for us the most enjoyable is supervision. Because on the construction site our clients' dreams come true, which, after all, also become close to us. We are ambitious. We do not want to copy other people's solutions, but try to rely on our own sense. We will not propose anything that would conflict with our sense of aesthetics. We break stereotypes and convince investors of bold solutions.

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