Waving House designed by architects from 81.waw.pl office

29 of June '20

A low, one-story single-family house with a cuboid shape does not have to be boring. Architects from the 81.waw.pl studio designed a building whose simple form is varied by wooden, wavy razor blades. This unusual facade not only shades the rooms, but also takes care of the privacy of the householders.

The single-family house consists of three parts - a living area, a private area and a garage with technical facilities. The living area consists of a living room with an open kitchen and a dining room. From the outside, this part is highlighted by large glazings on the north and south sides. Thanks to this solution, residents can easily move from the living room to the spacious garden.

parterowy dom
o prostopadłościennej bryle urozmaicają drewniane żyletki na elewacjach

© 81.waw.pl

The private night zone was located on the right side of the living area. It houses two children's rooms, the main bathroom and an additional guest bathroom. The night zone also includes a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a guest room, which can also serve as a study if needed. A large glass window in the master bedroom overlooks the western part of the garden.

A characteristic element of the Waving House are the carved wooden blades running along the northern and southern elevations, adding lightness to the cuboidal body.

drewniane żyletki nie
tylko zapewniają mieszkańcom poczucie intymności, ale też nadają bryle rzeźbiarski charakter

© 81.waw.pl

Behind the razor blades, windows to the night section were hidden. Thus, from the street, the verticals provide more privacy, as one can only look into the interior by facing the window. From the south, on the other hand, the razor blades provide shade in the children's bedrooms. The wooden razor blades not only provide the residents with a sense of intimacy, but also give the block a sculptural character. This is because they are not homogeneous: they differ slightly from one another," stresses Anna Paszkowska-Grudziąż, architect from the 81.waw.pl studio.

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