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Lipova Living. Luxury estate in Konstancin-Jeziorna designed by 81.WAW.PL.

Ola Kloc
05 of July '21

In one of the richest communities in Poland, Konstancin-Jeziorna, architects from the 81.WAW.PL studio have designed the luxurious Lipova Living estate - eleven modern and minimalist houses on Lipowa Street, just off one of the main arteries connecting Konstancin with Warsaw.

The one-of-a-kind, inspiring design of the estate is aimed at people who are looking for a family home with remarkable architecture and comfortably planned space. Simple, classic lines will give it a modern, minimalist style and timeless elegance, as the building blocks will be harmonious and orderly, with a clearly outlined L-shape - hence the name of the estate "Lipova Living," the project description reads.

{From the side of Lipowa Street two two-family buildings have been located,title=from the side of Lipowa Street two-family buildings have been located}

from the side of Lipowa street two buildings in two-family housing development have been located

© 81.WAW.PL

The team of architects from the 81.WAW.PL studio, known for its designs of modern and award-winning single-family houses, is responsible for the design of a small housing estate in Konstancin, near Warsaw . The complex will consist of eleven residences located on both sides of a short extension - on the side of Lipowa Street there will be two two-family buildings flanking the entrance to the fenced area, and in the depth of the plot - seven two-story single-family houses. Visually, the blocks of the two-family houses are separated by entrances to the garages connecting them, placed at the height of half a block.

domy two-familydomy two-familydomy two-family

two-family houses

© 81.WAW.PL

Two-family houses, despite their size, are light in form through the use of overhangs, which are additionally moved in relation to each other, thus creating different zones for outdoor use, explains Anna Paszkowska-Grudziąż, architect from 81.WAW.PL studio.

In the depths of the estate, modern single-family houses are planned. Each of the residences will be two-story, designed on a rectangular plan with a garage for two parking spaces integrated into the block. Usable areas will range from 298 to 331 sqm, and the gardens surrounding the houses will cover 400 to 1,200 sqm.

jeden of seven single-family homesjeden of seven single-family homesjeden of seven single-family homes

one of the single-family homes

© 81.WAW.PL

A characteristic element for the minimalist masses of the designed houses and a reference to both the name of the street and the entire establishment are the deep cornices, the line of which goes from horizontal to vertical, forming a fragment of one of the house elevations, and thus forming the shape of a large-size L letter.

The interiors, the architects promise, will be tall and spacious - the first floor will reach a height of 3.05 meters, the mezzanines 3.17 meters, and the floors 2.96 meters. The entire building will be illuminated by large windows.

elaboration: Ola Kloc

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