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Block of BBGK project instead of church. Lex developer in Warsaw

22 of April '21

A block of flats designed by the BBGK studio is to be built in Bialoleka. The plot designated for the investment in the development plan was indicated for religious or administrative development. The investor wants to take advantage of the housing special law - the so-called Lex developer.

Opposite the city hall

Lokalizacja inwestycji

photo: UM Warszawa / BBGK

The investment, located on Światowida Street in Tarchomin, is adjacent to the Białołęka District Town Hall. The plans of the investor - Antczak Investments Światowida company - show a building with six floors and a height of almost 25 meters. An underground garage is to be located under the building. The investor also announces a public square and the construction of the necessary section of public road to meet the conditions of the law. The procedure allows investments that are incompatible with local plans. In Warsaw, investments carried out under the special law are additionally regulated by urban planning standards, which include factors related to public spaces or transportation accessibility.

inconsistent with the plan

Wizualizacja bloku

photo: UM Warszawa / BBGK

Part of the area of the planned investment is covered by the local zoning plan for Osiedle Tarchomin. The document, passed in 2011, specifies the plot's designation for "services in the field of administration, exhibition, culture and entertainment, religious worship, sports and recreation, tourism." These functions may be supplemented by commercial premises.

According to the 2006 Study of Conditions and Directions for Spatial Development of the City of Warsaw, part of the area of the planned project is located in the area of multifunctional areas. This, in turn, affects the priority for service functions.

square a compensation

Skwer - projekt

photo: UM Warszawa / BBGK

The application submitted by the developer provides for the realization of accompanying investments - public landscaped green areas, construction of a road and necessary networks. They are located in the study in the areas of: forest greenery, road and street system of Światowida Street. Comments on the application can be submitted until May 06, 2021. The final decision will be made by the Warsaw City Council.

BBGK's next project based on the special law

schematschemat zieleni

photo: UM Warszawa / BBGK

A residential building in Tarchomin is yet another concept developed by the well-known Warsaw office BBGK, which is using the procedures established by the controversial so-called "Lex developer" law. A large residential project in Służewiec is also under procedure, along with a school designed by WWAA. We wrote about the case in the article.

Kacper Kępiński

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