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4 books about architecture from the Museum of Architecture. Free e-books

04 of November '20

From the series "The most important books on architecture"

In the next installment of the series "The most important books about architecture" books are recommended by the Wrocław Museum of Architecture. The long-awaited white ravens return to the hands of readers today in the form of e-books, which can be downloaded from the museum's website completely free of charge!


  1. "Wroclaw railroad stations"
    edited by Maria Zwierz
  2. "Three beginnings.1918/1945/1989 "
    editors Malgorzata Devosges-Cuber and Michal Duda
  3. "Heinrich Lauterbach.Architect of Wroclaw Modernism"
    editors Jerzy Ilkosz
  4. "Skyscrapers of Wrocław 1919-1932"
    editors Jerzy Ilkosz

1. "Wroclaw Railway Stations"

Edited by: Maria Zwierz
Publisher: Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, 2006

„Wrocławskie dworce
kolejowe”, redakcja Maria Zwierz

"Wrocław Railway Stations" is one of the most important publications of the Wrocław Museum of Architecture. Despite the fact that both print runs have long been exhausted, interest in the book among readers has not waned. No wonder - beautifully published, containing previously unpublished architectural designs and iconographic materials from the rich collections of the Building Archives of Wroclaw, it was the first complete monograph of Wroclaw railroad stations. The pretext for its publication was the one hundred and sixtieth anniversary of the opening of the railroad line between Wroclaw and Berlin, which fell in 2006.

Discussing in detail selected buildings of Wroclaw railroad stations, the catalog part of the book was based on preserved architectural designs, iconographic materials and source texts. The last part of the publication consists of original German-language source texts (among them also author's comments by the station designers themselves!) and biographies of architects and builders of Wroclaw and Silesian railroads.


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