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The 7 most important books on architecture according to Lukasz Wojciechowski

05 of June '20

From the series "The most important books on architecture"

In the next episode of the series books are recommended by Łukasz Wojciechowski from the VROA studio in Wroclaw. He talks about books and topics that fascinate and occupy him. He provokes publishers to publish a book about the giants of the post-war architectural scene in Poland.

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  1. "Handbook of Tyranny "
    Theo Deutinger
  2. "Space Settlements "
    Fred Scharmen
  3. "World of Malls: Architectures of Consumption "
    collective work
  4. "Jaap Bakema And The Open Society "
    Dirk Van Den Heuvel
  5. "The Architectural Model: Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia "
    Peter Schmal
  6. "Tigers.Waclaw Kłyszewski, Jerzy Mokrzynski, Eugeniusz Wierzbicki "
    Tadeusz Barucki
  7. "The Labyrinth "
    Saul Steinberg

1. "Handbook of Tyranny"

Author: Theo Deutinger
Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers, 2017

„Handbook of
Tyranny” Autor: Theo Deutinger Wydawnictwo: Lars Muller Publishers, 2017

This book could be a somewhat scary complement to Neufert's Handbook of Design ... Neufert. Here you will find similarly elaborate inventories: anti-tank barrages on the Kuwait-Iraq border, penetration ranges of individual air-to-ground missiles, crowd control rules with water and sound cannon ranges, details of slaughterhouses for animals... Cross sections through an ordinary Western city make you realize how many defensive systems our cities are armed with. From ordinary fences, to paint against graffiti painting, spikes against fowl and homeless people or blue anti-suicide lighting in subway stations. After reading the book (and the exhibition it accompanied), it's easier to see, for example, the barriers against car bombs, or those painted gold in the center of Milan, or the more sophisticated graphite stones protecting the plaza at the Lincoln Center in New York.


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