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For peace and quiet to the POSPOSITION Cottage

30 of June '22
Technical data
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Trupel
Studio: YONO architecture
Architects: Sebastian Marach
Photography: Nate Cook Photography
Area: 38 m²


  • design
  • implementation


In the vicinity of a forest and a lake, in the village of Trupel, located in the Warmian-Masurian province, stood a small, modern summer house designed by Sebastian Marach of YONO architecture studio. The investor asked the architect to create a place where he could relax surrounded by nature and beautiful views. This is how the Scandinavian-style wooden cottage POSPOKÓJ was created.

The summerhouse is characterized by a minimalist body in a wooden structure with a symmetrical gabled roof with different heights of knee walls.

domek pospokój duże przeszklenia w domu

The bungalow was made in wooden construction

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

"two faces"

In the words of architect Sebastian Marach, the bungalow has "two faces."

On the one hand, the raw form is covered with natural wood, on the other with sheet metal, which is a continuation of the roofing. With the right proportions and modern design, the project exceeded investors' expectations. The gable wall, facing the lake, is largely glazed and is designed to effectively illuminate the interior of the building and present a view of nature.

Domek po spokój wieczorem Bok domku, wieczorem

In the evenings, the interior of the cottage illuminates the surrounding area

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

The plot of land outside the building's outline is entirely biologically active area, and thanks to the glass facade, nature permeates the interior of the cottage. Close contact with greenery promotes the tranquility that the investor so desired.

Wnętrze część dziennej

Wood is the most important material in the interior

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

scandinavian minimalism in the interior

The interior of the bungalow was designed by the architect, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and placing everything necessary, but not distracting from the most important - nature. The living area features a sofa, a round dining table and a kitchenette.

Koza we wnętrzu domku Wnętrze piętra domku

The architect was inspired by the Scandinavian style

Photo credit: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

The penetration of the exterior into the interior and vice versa can be seen in the use of identical materials, both on the walls, ceiling and facade of the bungalow. Wood as an afterthought, stemming from the building's construction, appears in many places [...]. One of the features of the cottage is a goat-type fireplace, whose simple form makes it a beautiful piece of furniture during the day, and just after dark it becomes a prominent figure warming the interior," the designer adds.

Sypialnia na piętrze domku letniskowego

A bedroom with a view of the lake

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

A distinctive element is the reinforced concrete shaft dividing the glazed facade in the gable wall, adding austerity to the interior. Behind the aforementioned kitchenette is a bathroom, the interior of which the architect accented with black-painted plywood. A staircase with a metal balustrade leads to the first floor - the night part. One of the two bedrooms, is located right next to the facade, which opens a view of the lake.

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