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Stretched ceilings and walls - are you sure you know this technology?

07 of May '20

What are stretch ceilings?

Behind stretch ceilings today, there are a number of possibilities for finishing many surfaces, including ceilings and walls, but not only. The technology consists, in a nutshell, of mounting profiles, on which the material - a flexible PVC coating - is installed. It can resemble in installation classic suspended ceilings made of plasterboard, but the possibilities offered by stretch ceilings are incomparably greater.

What is worth knowing about DPS ceilings and walls?

Our products allow virtually unlimited shape formation. This means that a ceiling or wall does not have to be flat at all, but can take on 3D forms and multi-faceted surfaces, and over very large areas. A great example of this is the arrangement of large-format galleries, or realizations on auditoriums, swimming pools or airports.

In addition to the freedom in forming shapes, designers also appreciate the huge color palette, versions of shades, structures, as well as the possibility of personalizing the membrane by any imprint. What is worth mentioning, the coating provides full illumination possibilities, which makes it stand out from other materials. Thus, it can serve as a decorative or full-fledged illumination.

Another distinguishing feature of our products is the quick installation, as well as the durability of the coating and resistance to dirt. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, it is a technology ideally suited for the implementation of virtually any surface.

In addition to standard materials, we also have membranes manufactured with BIO-PRUF™ technology, with antimicrobial additives, for customers looking for increased sterility. In addition, we also offer ceilings, walls and panels with acoustic (reverberation-reducing) properties.

The last aspect is the safety of use. Our materials have a 10-year warranty and all the necessary approvals. CE certificate and fire tests in class B-s1,d0 and B-s2,d0, allow them to be used both in private spaces and public buildings.

We invite you to cooperate with us! During many years of activity we have established cooperation with a wide range of architects and designers around the world. Check out our realizations and get inspired - Examples of stretch ceilings realizations

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