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A garden inside the living room? (Almost) Atrial house of the project of the office ArchitekciPlus

06 of May '20
Technical data

House (almost) atrial

Usable area: 105,68 m²
Total area: 158,49 m²
Cubic capacity: 577
Project year: 2019

Longing for nature and space is a common affliction of city dwellers. Even living in the suburbs does not fully cure it. Opening the rooms to greenery, through huge windows, can help. In such a way, the life of the householders will go on inside the house and outside at the same time. A garden in its central part will further break the monotony of the walls and add variety to the interior.

The main idea guiding the architects of {tag:Studio} was to create a house in which the interior would integrate with the exterior. This is made possible by large glazing, which opens up the home's space to the surrounding greenery. The "almost atrium" also plays its part in this. Almost, because it can be accessed both through the garden and by passing through the rooms. It is not enclosed by interior domestic walls.

Modernity with tradition

This "heart" can be entered from one side of the building, from the front. The sight of the mysterious passage puzzles and intrigues; one does not know where this path will lead. If we actually managed to go inside, we could get a sneak peek at the daily life of the residents. There is little chance of this, however, as the house is surrounded by a high fence.

The house is made up of four segments situated successively at right angles to each other. This arrangement creates a kind of atrium in the center. Each part of the block is differentiated in terms of height, which gives it a remarkable character. With this, the architects wanted to refer to traditional homestead buildings. Despite this inspiration, contemporary materials and modern solutions were used - the aforementioned glazing, the lack of traditional eaves and the characteristic entrance to the house - all in yellow! Thanks to these combinations, the house contains an urban with suburban character.

Dom z wewnętrznym ogrodem - rzut

© ArchitekciPlus

Day house, night house

The internal functional division of the house corresponds to the division of its individual members. The first is the entrance zone with a hall, dressing room, technical room and toilet. The next two form the living zone, which consists of a kitchen combined with a dining room and a living room. The fourth segment is the private zone - there are bedrooms and an upstairs studio.

The first floor of the house is open in two ways - inward through a glazed atrium and outward through south-facing windows and a terrace. The private part only overlooks the garden, giving the residents full peace and quiet. The architects decided to raise the ceiling over the kitchen, dining room and living room, which optically enlarged the space.

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