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CEMEX has introduced Vertua® admixtures to its product range

02 of October '21

CEMEX ad mixtures have been successfully used in the Polish market for many years. CEMEX Admixtures, which is responsible for manufacturing admixture products, currently operates in twelve European countries, providing turnkey solutions for concrete, cement and mortar producers.

CEMEX is globally pursuing its Future in Action strategy, under which the company pledges, among other things, to provide customers and business partners with a comprehensive portfolio of low-carbon solutions. In order to implement this pledge, CEMEX has introduced new Vertua® admixtures that fit into its range of sustainable solutions for building material manufacturers.

The Vertua® line of admixtures enables our customers to achieve their individual environmental goals. Among the wide range are solutions for many applications in the construction industry.

  • The ISOMILL 4000 series are additives that facilitate grinding and promote hydration of cement. Their performance supports reduced carbon emissions, higher process efficiency and increased strength when using mineral additives in cement production,
  • The ISOFLOW 6000 series is a high-performance liquefaction admixture technology designed for ready-mix concrete producers to reduce the use of water and cement in the concrete mix, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of concrete,
  • The ISOCAST 9000 series is a high-performance superplasticizer technology that enables a more economical precast concrete production process by reducing energy requirements and accelerating strength attainment, as well as improving surface finish quality,
  • ISOXEL technology is a range of special accelerating admixtures that can increase strength when using cements with reduced carbon footprints,
  • The ISOPLAST 1000 series is a range of products whose ingredients are sourced from more sustainable sources, enabling a reduction in water consumption in the production of concrete mixes.
Selecting the right admixtures is key to developing concrete mixtures that are optimized in terms of carbon footprint and improve the long-term durability of concrete. Choosing modern solutions such as CEMEX admixtures promotes the development of the innovative construction of tomorrow," says Bartosz Badziąg, Product Manager of CEMEX Admixtures.

CEMEX Admixtures is a wide range, high quality, innovative chemical products for the building materials industry. The company is responding to the needs of increasingly environmentally conscious customers by offering suitable admixture solutions for use in the construction industry. CEMEX products are subject to quality supervision by specialized laboratories. A research and development unit located in Switzerland is responsible for the continuous development of the company's proposed product solutions. It is supported by a qualified team of technical advisors who select appropriate solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
For more information, visit the CEMEX website.

CEMEX: Future in Action Strategy

Last year, the company announced its Future in Action strategy, according to which CEMEX has set its own global target for reducing carbon emissions - by 40% by 2030 (compared to 1990 emission levels), while declaring a 5-year faster achievement of the previously established 35% reduction target, as early as 2025. In Europe, CEMEX boasts the achievement of the aforementioned target as early as 2020, so European plants plan to reduce emissions by as much as 55% by 2030, thus referring to the European Union's new carbon reduction strategy.

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