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Christmas organization - how to do it?

01 of December '22


If the arrangement of your kitchen is already bored, or is simply not very functional - maybe it's time to change it? Despite appearances, December is quite a good time for a small metamorphosis. Especially since with the pre-Christmas cleaning, it is easier to introduce new accessories and transform the interior. This will make the preparation of Christmas Eve even more enjoyable.

Pre-Christmas weeks are usually associated with irritation and hustle and bustle. You know - work and daily chores, and on top of that you still have to buy gifts, well, and organize Christmas gatherings. On top of that, there's also the big cleaning job. Is renovation - even a small one - a good idea during this period?

Contrary to appearances - it is! If it will allow us to enjoy the holidays in a better and nicer environment, it's really worth considering. Maybe right now you can make the changes you have long dreamed of? This is especially true for the kitchen, which is usually thoroughly cleaned in December anyway. Especially since, if we use ingenious furniture accessories, the work will not be too much, and the result can surpass the wildest expectations.

Maxima PURO

Maxima PURO

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Small but functional changes in the kitchen

What is worth changing? When organizing kitchen cabinets and cupboards, you can think about their organization. The right systems will make it easier to stay organized for longer. There are large solutions to choose from - such as the House Master REJS utility cabinet rack, but also much smaller, but equally functional solutions - such as drawer inserts.

House Master rack is used to store cleaning supplies and accessories. It is generally installed in laundry rooms and utility rooms, but more and more people prefer to have it closer to the kitchen, for example, in the pantry. It is designed for cabinets with a width of 400 mm. On 3 shelves lined with a non-slip mat, you can fit everything you need when cleaning - from a vacuum cleaner, mops and brushes to detergents," explains Joanna Posadzy, REJS Marketing Director.

If you don't want such big changes, consider much smaller REJS brand drawer inserts and rails. When properly selected, they really make it easier to keep things in order among trinkets. They are easy to install - the inserts just need to be slid into the drawer and ready, and we will certainly be satisfied with the effect. Why? Because we can put in them cutlery, large kitchen knives, and even ladles and whisks, for which it is usually difficult to find a place. They will also accommodate jars of spices and even aluminum foil, which, thanks to special teeth, will be easier to tear off.

REJS offers wooden, stainless steel and plastic inserts. They are offered in different sizes, making it easier to match them to the dimensions of the drawers we already have. It is up to us to decide what configuration and aesthetics will be most suitable.

PURO Makro

PURO Macro

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Store what you can!

Another idea that doesn't require a revolution, but can help keep things tidy, are special low drawers from PURO REJS' Maxima line. Why are they special? Because they were designed with household appliances in mind, such as a coffee maker. If for some reason you do not want to keep it on the countertop in a prominent place, but hide it from the eyes of guests - a pull-out shelf will be ideal. Especially if your kitchen is connected to the living room.

Drawers of the Maxima PURO line are mounted on very stable slides, so they will hold even Thermomix, which requires a stable surface. When the appliances are needed - just open the cabinet and slide out the shelf. When the work is done, we close the front and again we can enjoy the order and uncluttered line of the cabinet.

Importantly, all accessories of the Maxima PURO line - drawers, corners and cargo Mini and Maxi are available in two fashionable color variants. To be more precise, in pure as snow white combined with glass inserts, as well as elegant matte black, which is juxtaposed with oak veneer inserts. This allows you to match the accessories with the furniture you already own and create a cohesive arrangement. And this without unnecessary expense.

Wkłady PURO

PURO inserts

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A pantry at hand

But that's not all. If you dream of a handy and convenient pantry in the kitchen and you can get one without much trouble. You don't have to have a separate room to enjoy easy access to supplies. Just adjust one of the tall cabinets accordingly.

Depending on your needs and the size of the cabinet, you can install the aforementioned Cargo Maxi REJS from it. These are multi-level shelves mounted on a rack that can be effortlessly slid out of the cabinet, and thus make it easier to access your stored items. Everything is at hand without having to move or rearrange. Cargo Maxi from the Maxima PURO line, depending on the model, can be installed in cabinets 150, 200, 300 and 400 mm wide.

Cargo Maxi

Cargo Maxi

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Another option is to install several internal drawers, such as the elegant Slim Box with thin sides. Tucked away with a common front, they will accommodate all supplies and facilitate their organization. Slim Box are proposed in white, graphite and black. They are available in 4 heights (89, 121, 185, 249 mm) and with slides in 6 lengths (300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550 mm). The width is always chosen by ourselves, so it is easy to fit them into the development. In this way, we can relatively quickly significantly improve the functionality of the kitchen without unnecessary renovation and replacement of furniture.

Szuflada PURO

PURO drawer

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