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How to reduce the repair time of a leaking roof?

01 of December '22

The saying time is money applies in every industry, but in the case of construction, in particular. The biggest bane is the prolonged renovation of a building. Every day of reduced renovation time is at a premium. How to minimize the time of renovation work on such a key element of the building structure as the roof?

What does a leaking roof lead to?

Even the best-made roof, after a dozen years or so, may begin to show leaks, especially in sensitive details such as flashings and chimney, gutters or drains. Even a small break in the continuity of the insulation leads to dampness, heat takeoff and, consequently, weakening of the building structure.

Standing water on flat roofs is an everyday occurrence, especially for roofs made of bitumen felt. In their case, we have to deal with blocked runoff through welds, joints, or other such elements. Where puddles form and water lingers for long periods of time, they are exposed to hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing weld, the weakest element of the roof.

Triflex ProTect

Triflex ProTect

© Triflex

The inconvenience of roof renovation

Roof renovation involves inconvenience for both facility administrators and users. Therefore, it is essential that the work proceeds quickly and efficiently, preferably regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Flat roofs of residential buildings carry the highest requirements for the sealing material used. Wanting to minimize renovation time requires solutions that can be combined with a wide variety of substrates and will perform well even when applied over a damaged substrate layer. Such criteria and requirements are met by the full-surface reinforced polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) based Triflex ProTect system.

By using Triflex ProTect, execution time and costs can be significantly reduced compared to multilayer systems, usually based on solvents. The single-process application also eliminates the risk of adhesion problems between layers. Triflex ProTect can be laid under other coverings, i.e. gravel, slab pavement or green surfaces, and therefore shows a definite advantage over conventional strip sealants. This special resin safely integrates the sealing of complex details, i.e. pillars, fans and light domes.

However, a smoothly executed roof restoration involves not only the application of the right product, but also skilled professionals who know how to apply it correctly. The combination of these two elements: a trained team working with high-quality materials is a guarantee of a smoothly carried out roof renovation. In order to ensure the highest quality and longevity, Triflex products are installed only by certified (trained) contractors.

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