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#City Video Talks. Bronislaw Komorowski assesses the landscape law and its effects on Polish cities #OEES2022

Katarzyna Szostak
30 of November '22

#Video Talks about the City #OEES2022

We present another video in our series of short talks by architects, urban planners, scientists, politicians, activists and people associated with architecture and its related fields, "#Video Talks about the City." This time, we present conversations conducted during the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2022 congress at the ICE Krakow Congress Center. The theme of this year's edition was credibility.


In retrospect, how do you assess the President's Landscape Law and its effects on Polish cities?


Bronislaw Komorowski - President of the Republic of Poland from 2010 to 2015, graduate of the Faculty of History at Warsaw University. Anti-communist opposition activist, parliamentarian, Minister of National Defense, Speaker of the Polish Sejm. Participated in actions to help the injured workers of Radom and Ursus in 1976. He cooperated with the Workers' Defense Committee and the Movement for the Defense of Human and Civil Rights. He organized patriotic demonstrations. He was a printer, journalist, distributor and publisher of underground press. During many years of opposition activity, he was repeatedly arrested and repressed, and was interned during martial law.

You can read about this year's 7th OEESInternational Congress on Value Economics here.

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